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September 13, 2015

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A Modern Day Need For

Orthotic Support


Most everyone knows that orthotics are for supporting the arches to prevent them from collapsing.  What nearly everyone doesn't know is that there are 3 arches in the feet and each has a dramatic effect on different parts of the body.  Also, properly made orthotics including specific corrections to these arches improves the neuro-coordination and proprioception systems of the body. What does this mean to you?


First of all, wearing foot stabilizers dramatically affects one's posture. Anterior head carriage and shoulders rolled forward are signs of fallen arches. Correcting the fallen arches helps pull the shoulders and head back and makes you stand taller.


Secondly, their use reduces or entirely corrects asymmetrical pronation of the feet that leads to the tilting of the pelvis and shoulders. Have you noticed how you or others carry themselves while walking around, with one shoulder higher? This is the sign of some form of scoliosis, which always inherently demonstrates multiple muscle imbalances.  


Third, have you noticed knees turning inward rather than straight forward, even some showing knocked knees or bow legged?  All of these are distortions from the feet.  It comes down to the fact that the feet can be causing micro-injury with every step or can be causing healing with every step. 


I want you to be healing with every step. For your long term health, it is necessary to find out if you are breaking down with every step or not.


Make an appointment for a foot-postural analysis to determine if you are a candidate for correction. If you are a candidate and you wear them, you will literally be getting an alignment correction with every step and your posture will improve. If you have pain, it will decrease, and as an additional benefit, your energy will increase dramatically.  In the long term orthotics will help prevent the need of a knee or hip replacement. If you already have orthotics from this office, then look at the feet and posture of your loved ones and if you see any abnormalities, bring them in for an analysis.  If you have orthotics from another doctor, come in and let's determine if they are working.


Nobody does alternative healing care better than Wagner Holistic Center.  Let me guide you to long term health.


Dr. Edward D. Wagner DC
Wagner Holistic Center

Our office is always equipped with the latest technology as well as the most current holistic health information available so we can keep providing you with the best service available. Come in and see how we can improve your well being.
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