October 7, 2016 |

An enraged driver has pulled even with you on the highway and is screaming at you. You veer off to get away, but he follows you. You see movement in the other vehicle. Fearing for your safety as you pull over, you grab your concealed handgun from the center console and put it on the dash as a warning to the other driver. Click to read who's going to jail. 

While it's common sense to train our skills at the range, seldom do we practice what to do "after bang" as much as we practice what to do before bang. Click to read a five-point mental training list of what you should do after you use your firearm in self-defense. 
Some Texas Law Shield members may have seen Springfield Armory's Tactical Response Pistol (TRP) and wondered what's it like to shoot at the range. Click and wonder no more. 

Thompson/Center Arms has identified a condition in some Compass rifles in which a chambered round may fire if the firearm is dropped with the safety in the fire position. Click to read about this recall, which applies to all Compass rifles manufactured by Thompson/Center Arms prior to September 16, 2016. 
Storing guns properly ranks right up there with knowing how to effectively use them. Click to see why Texas is listed among the top states for lost and found guns. 

Gun owners can get into Federal trouble if they're covered by a protective order and even inadvertently possess a firearm. Click to see the eye-opening details. 

Fort Worth-based Defender Outdoors Shooting Center has launched Defender Training Academy, a firearms and self-defense training program at the company's state-of-the-art indoor shooting center located at 2900 Shotts Street. Click to see more about training they will offer. 

In our Member Forum, "Neighbor" asked: Can you legally carry on your person or in a boat while at a park or on a lake that is managed by the Army Corps of Engineers? Click to read the answer. 

According to a new survey of gun ownership produced by researchers from Harvard and Northeastern Universities, only 22 percent of American adults are gun owners. Click to see how one Texas Law Shield Independent Program Attorney pokes holes in the results. 

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Schools across Texas are beefing up security after another rash of threats on social media from accounts featuring creepy-looking clowns - which has prompted some Members to wonder what their self-defense options are if they're confronted by one of these pranksters. Click to see one attorney's advice: