Happy Autumn 2016!
Yesterday marked the first day of autumn... how time flies.  September bridges us from the hot and sticky days of August to cool and crisp October days, so it is a month that increases our awareness of how time can fly by, and how we want to use it.  September is also a time of reflection as many of us consider the anniversary of 9/11.  As someone who lives a half-block away from where the Chelsea bombings occurred this month, I realize more than ever that we all need coping skills to "thrive and survive" this year.  In that spirit: I'm proud to share a recent appearance on FOX5 and two of my blogs that Huffington Post picked up, all on the topic of how we can stay strong in hard times-- and even learn to grow from them.
Dr. Chloe in the Media
Dr. Chloe Carmichael shares how to manage anxiety or anger from terrorism or other violent world news. Dr. Chloe offers ideas for adults to cope, as well as ways that parents can discuss these issues with children. Watch the video here.  
The Huffington Post recently picked up two of my blogs on how to cope with some of the toughest things happening in the news right now.  
Huffpost Article 1:  "Coping with Anxiety When the World Gets Scary"- A straightforward cognitive-therapy based approach, and has a link for how to help kids cope as well!
Huffpost Article 2: " Anger and Action: Managing Strong Emotions": A little heavier piece for if you're really feeling things intensely.  If you enjoy this article, you might also want to click here to check out the blog on my website for a video of how to do a breathing techniques that are helpful if you're having strong emotions!

A Fresh Perspective
The CARE System for Difficult World Events
With all the issues facing our world today, I've had more clients than ever before seeking help to manage stress from things like terrorism, police shootings, or other acts of violence. I applaud people who are able to recognize this stress and want to face it in a constructive and healthy way. It takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable and share that current events are making you feel anxious, angry, or confused. Taking healthy, appropriate action not only makes the world a better place, it's also good for your mental health and well-being.
The Path to Mindfulness Part 2: the 3-Part Breath
In the first article of this Path to Mindfulness series, ( if you missed it, check the article out here) I introduced the concept of mindfulness and explored how you can begin to hone your focus and awareness by really observing a concrete object. 

Now that you've learned how to be mindful of an object, you will learn how you can start to be mindful of yourself. This article will discuss how you can begin to focus your attention inwards by becoming fully aware of your breath.
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