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Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica by encouraging local churches & pastors, serving in our community, and connecting mission teams to life-changing ministry opportunities  with the local Costa Rican church.

August in Review
It's been a great month here in Costa Rica.  We are so grateful for the part that the Lord has allowed us to play in encouraging the local pastors and churches!  

PASTOR VISITS. This month I have been able to visit with several pastors.  We have been meeting to gauge how their summer trips went and how we can be a better asset to the local church.  I also was able to meet with a possible new partnering church.  It was about one hour away from our house up a mountain, and it was only in the 70's there!  Beautiful!  I've also been checking in on some pastors that we have not had much connection with in hopes of fostering a fresh relationship with them.  God is doing so many great things among the local church!  

SPANISH.   Yes, we are still enrolled in our Spanish classes.  We are trying to go twice a week for two hours each day.  They say we are learning, just don't quiz us right now, keep praying!

CHILDREN IN SCHOOL.   Kyle has been a huge help to us. HUGE!  He has been helping the kids decipher their homework from school and has been working on some U.S. schooling as well.  The kids have been trying hard, some harder than others.  Malachi enjoys being able to play soccer at school three times a day during recess and lunch breaks.  

If you have been following us on Facebook or Instagram you know that we have hatched our first baby chicks!  Ok, we did not do it, but sometimes I felt like I was the mama hen protecting the eggs from Isaiah!  
One Time Gifts Needed:
Flights back to Costa Rica
When we initially were fundraising we purchased round trip tickets to end up going home for Christmas.  We are now ready to purchase flights for all seven us to return to Costa Rica after the new year.  We have found some great prices on tickets that will cost a total of $3,360.  If you would like to help towards the purchase of our tickets to return to Costa Rica, you can donate by clicking here.   Thank you so much for helping us to minister in Costa Rica!
From a Dream to Reality:  Feeding Program
Three summers ago I brought our youth group from Immanuel Church on our first mission trip to Costa Rica.  In that week serving with Praying Pelican Missions, I was given the opportunity to preach at the church that we are now attending.  I don't remember what I even preached about, but God did something huge.  During the altar ministry time, God gave the Pastor's son a specific date to start the feeding program that they had been dreaming about.  I knew that the funds were not available for them, so I asked our youth group if we could start taking up an offering every week to support this feeding program.  They were all on board!  As we saved up the money and sent it through Praying Pelican Missions, the program was launched. 

This past month we had the opportunity as a family to help the church with this special event. So much love was poured out that day on those children!

Thank you Immanuel Church youth for continuing to be a blessing in Costa Rica.  It's amazing to see this partnership growing!
Keeping up with the Blog
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Have you ever had a moment in your life where you sit back and think how something that you have done previously prepared you for what you are now doing?  I had that moment a few weeks ago when I led my first trip for Praying Pelican Missions. As the week was going on and [...]...»

Nathan, Laura, Darrell, Reagan, Abigail,
 Malachi & Isaiah Norman

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