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October 2019
“Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name." - Psalms 100:4

As you may well remember, we were in great need of installing heating and AC units in our office and prayer/ adult class room because there was not enough heating and no cooling in those rooms. Due to the cold in the winter and heat in the summer they were of little use to us during much of the year.
Oral Roberts University contacted us this summer and because we had hosted a group of their students this spring, they wanted to help our church by taking up offerings for us during their chapel times. They contacted us back about a month ago with the news that were able to collect enough to pay for those heating/ AC units and we were able to have them installed last week! It is amazing the means through which God answers prayer! A huge thank you to God and the students at ORU! 

Another huge answer to a need came along this past week, as well. Gateway Church had contacted us quite a few months ago and asked us to join them for an all-expenses- paid retreat in Dubrovnik at the beginning of October. We marked it down on our calendar and decided to attend; however by the time it came along, we were very tired and not that crazy about having to travel yet again! Dubrovnik is a good 6 hour drive from Zagreb. When we arrived, we were dumbfoubded to find that the retreat we were attending was what they call a “rest retreat”. They had basically called in pastors from various Balkan nations and paid all of our expenses, no strings attached, so that we could REST! What a blessing! They spoke to us (very shortly) about the importance of resting, which really got us to thinking and discussing ways of helping ourselves rest more, so that we are of more use to our ministry! So again, Thank you God and thank you Gateway Church! 

I know we’ve mentioned Mario’s book on finances several times in our monthly updates. We were very blessed this month with a gift for about a third of what is needed to print. There (aren’t many) (are no) Christian books on finances in the Croatian language so this book is a very necessary one for our people. We are so grateful for the money God has provided thus far and are believing the rest will be provided soon, in His time.
Two more churches have expressed interest in registering their churches through us. One of them is a small group in the town of Chepina in the region of Slavonia. They have their own meeting place and have asked me to come and speak for them, so I will be traveling their this coming Sunday. Please, be in prayer for me as I meet with this group, that God would lead and guide us and his will would be done. 
>Our Missions Work in Virovitica and possibly the town of Cepin
>Monthly support
>$2000 needed for Mario’s Book
Thank you again for your prayers and support; we are so grateful to God for each of you. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving month! 

Mario and Bonnie Ducic 
Croatian Evangelistic Outreach