Flickinger Glassworks February Newsletter
Our brief monthly newsletter about Red Hook, Brooklyn and other people, places & things we think you should know about.

Welcome to the February edition. Tour a NYC art gallery that specializes in glass artworks. Explore a creative wood and metalworker collective in Red Hook. See how we create bent glass windows.
Heller Gallery
The Heller Gallery has been a unique addition to NYC's vibrant art scene since 1973. They feature premier international artists who incorporate glass in their work. Many of the artworks have entered prestigious public collections as a result of being championed by Heller Gallery.  

Located in the Chelsea art district along the High Line park, the Heller is a good friend of Flickinger Glassworks. We are continually amazed and inspired by their transcendent and multifarious exhibits; we often can't believe that these glassworks are truly made of glass. 

Liberty Labs Foundation (An artisanal cooperative in Red Hook.)
Liberty Labs Foundation has figured out how to keep its business costs low and creativity high. Located directly above Flickinger Glassworks, this 6,000 sq. ft. wood and metalworker collective boasts 17 members who share space, tools, inspiration and ideas. Learn more from co-founder Evan Lee in the video above.

Work We're Proud Of
Have you ever wondered how curved glass windows are made? Here’s how we do it at Flickinger Glassworks:

We begin by matching one of our molds to the wooden sash window frames. We then cut a piece of flat glass and lay it onto the mold so that we can heat it up to bend. After the glass has taken the shape of the mold and cooled down, we fit the bent glass into the window frame. This last step is what Eugene is carefully accomplishing in the video above.

The finished product, located directly across from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.