Everyone is looking for light in these disconcerting times. This month, we'd like to share with you the story of iMod Structures, a California-based company that is providing schools with pre-fabricated, modular classrooms that have achieved USRC’s highest seismic performance rating. School facilities need to be as ready and safe as possible whenever children and staff can physically gather again for learning; we hope that will be as soon as possible.
As for many of us, the chaos that disasters can wreak on education is a personal not just a professional concern. My wife teaches 3rd grade, and two of our sons are kicking off their college careers this fall at UC San Diego. Unfortunately, I can easily imagine what it would be like for them and their learning institutions if we had to confront a major earthquake on top of what we're already going through.
Rather than waiting for potential crises to arrive, resilient design is about anticipating and reducing impacts. USRC and our members and partner firms are leading the way in seismic technologies and design. In addition to our feature on iMod classrooms, take note below of recent tilt-up retrofit research findings that show the feasibility and business case for retrofitting.
Evan Reis, SE, PE
USRC Executive Director