May 14, 2017

Bonnie's Mother's Day Wish!
Bonnie wishes that no mothers would have to endure the pain she suffered when her babies were stolen from her and sold into the pet trade. Please help her wish come true and spread the word. Monkeys belong in the wild, not in our homes.
Bonnie was purchased as a "pet" and then sold to a breeder where baby after baby was taken from her loving arms.

The breeder planed to sell all of the monkeys at an exotic animal auction. Fortunately, that fate never came to pass and Bonnie and her baby Bailey live at Jungle Friends where she would never have her babies stolen from her again.

Bonnie and Bailey lived together for many years until Bonnie had a stroke. Bonnie lives in a special-needs area of Jungle Friends called Jody's Wellness Jungle, due to her failing health. Cuddly, Puchi and Chiquita, also elderly monkeys, live there with Bonnie. 

In Jody's Wellness Jungle the monkeys are served their favorite special meals, hand fed if necessary, and given every comfort possible. Bailey is all grown up and meeting other monkey friends.
Please make a donation in honor of Bonnie on this special Mother's Day.
Bonnie is doing much better today!
Watch this sweet video of Bonnie eating and 
gaining back her strength.

Bonnie says "Thank you"  from all of the Jungle Friends monkey moms.

Lots of monkey love!

From Bonnie and all of her monkey friends at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary!
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