I'll tie each shoe and wipe each nose

I'll clean their ears and trim their toes

I'll dry their eyes when there's a tear

And chase away their every fear.


I'll pick them up when they fall down

And try to never wear a frown.

I'll clear a path to help them see,

All God created them to be.


This is my prayer and utmost plea

To be the best that I can be

And I won't give it up for fame

Or for some treasure I could claim.


For in my simple calculation

There is no greater occupation

Than the role I play of mother

For it stands high above all others!


Copyright 2023 Jeaninne Johnson Stokes


Whether you're a biological, surrogate, grandmother, or a mother-to-be, I salute you today as we prepare to celebrate the greatest call of all.


Happy Mother's Day!



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