A Mother's Story - In her own words
Kristina wants to share her life experience in hopes that it inspires other survivors to seek help.

Kristina was five months pregnant and living with her aunt when her cousin tried to attack her. At the time, Kristina’s cousin was under the influence of drugs and his actions led to a short stint in jail. Even though Kristina’s aunt filed for a restraining order against her son, Kristina didn’t feel safe with her cousin leaving jail so soon. She wasn’t sure what he was capable of doing to her.

Kristina’s aunt eventually allowed her son to return home and Kristina immediately turned to My Sister’s Place for help. At first, she was nervous about being pregnant and alone in a new place, but MSP did everything we could to give Kristina support. Eventually, Kristina gave birth to a healthy baby boy while under the care of MSP! 

Through Fresh Start funding, MSP paid for Kristina’s rental application so she could secure an apartment for her new family. Once Kristina signed her new lease, MSP also helped her pay for her security deposit, moving costs, and a new fridge to store her insulin securely without worrying about it being tampered with or going missing. 

Kristina is now part of our RISE program so she can stay connected to MSP’s network of support as she continues her journey to self-sufficiency. After many months of fear and anxiety, Kristina says, “I am able to finally have peace and that feels very refreshing."

Kristina's hopes for the future are that our programs continue to support other moms that really need the help. She is looking forward to helping other moms at MSP as much as she can.

Say Yes to New Beginnings!
2021 Imagene Stuart Surviving Spirit Awards
This month MSP was very honored to be awarded with the 2021 Imagene Stewart Surviving Spirit Award by one of our very own survivors. This event was held at the Busboys and Poets in Anacostia hosted by Sharon Wise and Donata Edwards, Esq. It was great to see our friends DC's Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Asian/Pacific Islander Domestic Violence Resource Project there whom were also awardees at this event. The event was amazing and congratulations to all recipients on being awarded the 2021 Imagene Stewart Surviving Spirit Award!
Board Member Spotlight Jenny Brody
Jenny Brody has practiced family law in Washington, DC for more than ten years. As the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project, from 2008 to 2016, Ms. Brody provided legal assistance to hundreds of domestic violence survivors in Civil Protection Order cases, as well as in divorce, custody and child support matters

What made you start DCVLP?

I started taking pro bono cases, representing domestic violence victims in cases to obtain Civil Protection Orders against their abusers. I found the work to be very rewarding. I met several other lawyers who were also taking these cases, and together, we started DCVLP, to provide mutual support, and to recruit other lawyers to do this important work.

What you would want people to know about DV survivors?

Many survivors are facing almost insurmountable challenges, in caring for their children, finding safe housing, addressing their trauma and overcoming poverty. Foreign-born survivors also struggle with language issues and lack of legal status. In my experience, survivors work tirelessly to meet these challenges, and to create a safe environment for themselves and their children.

What has been your experience with MSP ?

I became acquainted with MSP while representing survivors who were living in the shelter. I joined the Board to help the organization grow and expand its services.
I am really impressed by MSP staff at every level of the organization.  

We are so honored to have Jenny on our board and appreciate all the contributions she has made for DV as a lawyer and in support of MSP clients. Thank you, Jenny!
DCVLP is a non-profit organization that was established in 2008 to provide direct legal and advocacy assistance to domestic violence victims, at-risk children, and other vulnerable individuals. For more information about DCVLP please visit their website at www.dcvlp.org.

MSP participates in a Domestic Violence Resource Clinic along with DCVLP that offers legal advice about protection orders, custody, child support, and related issues. Service providers are also there to assist with connecting survivors to housing, counseling, and public benefits. Here's more information.
Volunteer Opportunities
Children's Program

MSP has a new volunteer-led structured play program. If you would like to work with the children's program we are now conducting monthly training sessions. If you are interested or would like to learn more please contact volunteer@mysistersplacedc.org

June Client Moves (Help Needed)

We are excited to invite you to volunteer to help move our families out of shelter and into their new homes in June. We will need a small team to meet on Saturdays in June at our storage space. We are also looking for a small moving van or vehicle, used or at a discounted rate! If you would like to help or donate, please email Angela Cavanaugh at acavanaugh@mysistersplacedc.org for more details. Please spread the word!

Bike Drive

We are still gathering all the logistics and details for our upcoming bike drive and will need helping hands. Please email volunteer@mysistersplacedc.org if you would like to volunteer.