A Mother's Story of Triumph
The year was 1993. Sharon Wise had just moved to DC from Chicago after a major life change—her daughter had been removed from her custody. Sharon was alone in the city and trying to make sense of her new life. She met a companion along the way, but before long the relationship turned toxic and violent. With fractured ribs, a broken heart, and no one to turn to, Sharon began calling shelters for help. My Sister’s Place took her in immediately. 

MSP gave Sharon a safe place to heal and rest. We helped her find an attorney, and after a long trial against her abuser, Sharon was able to find justice. With the help and support of MSP, she moved into an apartment in Northeast DC and was finally able to start a new life on her own two feet. 

At MSP, we know healing is a lifelong process. For Sharon, it began with someone saying yes. Yes, we care. Yes, you are loved. Yes, you deserve so much more than this. That’s just the beginning of what My Sister’s Place has to offer. 

My Sister’s Place said Yes to Sharon in 1993, and since then she has reunited with her daughter and their relationship is stronger than ever. Sharon has gone back to school, earned her Masters degree, and has become a Trauma Expert that consults with governments, hospital systems, and law enforcement agencies. As a professional public speaker, she is a constant advocate for survivors of domestic violence. 

After all of this, Sharon Wise proudly calls herself a “Surviving Spirit.” She has more than earned that name. My Sister’s Place is proud to be part of her journey. 

Say Yes to Healing