Countdown - 8 days
Today, Sunday, August 13, we share a reflection from Sofia, herself, found in
The Development of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Inside the Atria in Rome on page 7:

"This is the drawing of N., a 7-year-old boy, from the atrium of Via degli Orsini, but he started attending at the age of three. One day, without anyone mentioning the material we are discussing here, he drew the elements of the parable and the Eucharist on two parallel lines, writing: 'This' (the parable) 'is equal to this' (the liturgical celebration).
Facts like these seem a challenge to "the wise and intelligent" to whom 'these things' are hidden, whereas they are revealed to "the little ones" (Luke 10:21ff)."

that celebrate the growth of the mustard seed planted by  Sofia and Gianna.

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