Countdown - 1 day
Today, Sunday, August 20, is our last day of our 100 day countdown.  We share a reflection from Sofia, herself, found in The Development of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Inside the Atria in Rome on page 5:  
"I invite you to take a long look at this drawing, and to let yourselves be drawn into the outburst of joy that emanates from it. For this child, a 5-year-old boy who lives on the outskirts of Rome, it is the solid ground that gives birth and growth to his response to the Good Shepherd, who 'calls by name,' thereby establishing, in the best way, that relationship with God which the Bible calls 'covenant.'
Not all the sheep in his drawing have a name, but the little boy explained: "These all have a name too, but I was tired."
It has been very beautiful to see this ever-present response of joy during all the years of our work. This has been a constant response from many children from different countries, who come from the most diverse cultural and social backgrounds.
What better response can we give to the Good Shepherd who "calls by name" than the response of enjoying his presence in our lives?"



that celebrate the growth of the mustard seed planted by 
Sofia and Gianna.  
Additionally, we invite you to share our daily countdown with other catechists and faithful who may not have access to our daily communication.   
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