Countdown - 11 days
Today, Thursday, August 10, Raina Lewis took the initiative to seek out past children of CGS and have them share how the mustard seed planted so many years earlier grows in them today.

 Raina writes: " Twenty years ago we opened the doors to receive the first group of children to enter our Level I atrium at Our Lady of Nazareth Church.  These children moved through all three levels. Reflecting on both the centennial anniversary of the Catechesis and our own 20th anniversary, the parable of the Growing Seed came to mind.  I thought of those first children who are now grown adults, out in the world, and wondered how the seeds planted during those years might be influencing their adult lives.  I contacted as many of them as I could and wanted to share the reflections I have received so far.  Clearly, the seeds are growing - we don't know how - but they are surely deeply rooted !What a gift they have each shared!
We continue to post reflections, timelines, images, stories, videos, and interviews that celebrate the growth of the mustard seed planted by  Sofia and Gianna. We invite you to share with all of us how the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is transforming you, the children you serve,  your parish, your family, and your friends. Please email your submissions to: 

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