Countdown - 3 days
Today, Friday, August 18, once again, we are happy to share from the CGSUSA archives.  In this video, Sofia shares a memory and photos of St. John Paul II's
visit to the atrium with Bert O'Bryan for the  the Mustard Seed Documentary. 
The Pope visited the atrium at Nostra Signora Di Lourdes in Rome (Our Lady of Lourdes) on February 13, 1983.

Tilde writes in the 1988 Journal (page 131 of the 1984-1997 Compilation):
"One group was working on the Parable of the Good Shepherd and the Eucharistic Presence; another group on the "Synthesis of the Mass". Other children worked on baptism and the Parable of the Precious Pearl. The Holy Father would approach each group and listen attentively, then ask a question and again listen, amazed and touched. He stayed in the atrium for 20 minutes, and the memory of this meeting still lives in us all. "

It is wonderful to see the children sharing  their work and Pope John Paul listening to them.  He said of his visit that being with the children there was proof that the Kingdom of God belongs to the children.

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