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Bits and Pieces

April 4, 2023

Here’s hoping a new month is as great as the last month was….weather is about perfect, wildflowers will abound due to the rains, sunshine will bring about more smiles and sunny dispositions, Easter may lead to more family and friend gatherings, just all sorts of possibilities to uplift our spirits! Lots of projects to keep us involved and busy, classes of all kinds to teach us new projects and help us learn more about our machines while we work on the projects, new fabrics to drool over, more, more more…to reinforce and sustain that springtime and Easter spirit of rebirth, growth and possibilities. And perhaps we at SVQ can even save you a few $$$ while indulging in all this rebirth!

We have BERNINA on board this month with SERGER Specials for you, and we have included a few serger blow-out prices just for you at SVQ, above and beyond what BERNINA is doing. So let me inspire you a bit. We have in stock the full array of BERNINA and bernette sergers specially priced, and most with the latest and best air threading. Sergers are not limited to garment sewing, although this is what we usually think of. A few years back, Phyllis W. made a beautiful sample quilt on a serger, and it was so crisp and finished-looking with every row she serged. Think of design elements, too, on napkins, table runners, pillow tops, scarves, and perfect finishes on everything you make. Come in and thread the serger (this was NEVER fun before! But it is now)---one step of the pedal, and you’re threaded and ready to create. Teeny-tiny learning curve here for threading, like about a minute. There are many models and price ranges to choose from, and the time for choosing might be now.

If you see a longarm frame and/or machine in your future, be sure to come in and let us show you the Q’nique system. Price points are fantastic; like, for instance, did you know that you can have a tabletop sized frame (Cutie) with a newly designed 16X (16” throat space) for less than $4500??? You can. You will find the patented edge warning system helps keep your stitches where you want them, and you can speed-sew at 1700 stitches per minute with stitch regulation. And you can go as large as a 21X Elite quilting machine with an even larger evolving frame to fit your needs and room size for under $11,500??? Have a machine and want a larger frame? We have it on sale. Have a frame and want a larger throat on your machine? We have it, with large saving for you there, too. Bundle your choice of frame and machine with, say, a light bar, and save more. Put your wish list together, and come in or call, and we’ll see how we can best put it together for you and save you the most this month. We’ll even be available to talk with you so you can purchase online, with shipment coming directly to your home. This is a “happy purchase”, after all, so we want you happy with your wish list dream!

One bad note this month: we will not be having SEW SMART this Saturday, due to Easter weekend. But stay with us: we have some fabulous and fun events coming for you. One involves our friend, a professional chef and TV award winner, two times, from the cooking shows, coupled with our own Cora’s sewing talents, to present to you a fun, fabulous Father’s Day SEW SMART chocked full of ideas for the day. And Andi Stanfield presenting as an artist spotlight on pattern making, her experiences with becoming a designer for fabrics, how to get your stuff out there or at least how she made this come true for her, and her experiences as a book author, and all the related things that we don’t know. Sounds great, don’t you think? Be sure to reserve your seat for these FREE events: find them listed on our website at www.sunvalleyquilts.com, in the newsletter or on the printed class schedules. 

The collage/Laura Heine class is coming fast: April 13, so sign up for that one and get your supply list ASAP so you can start gathering fabric pieces. Our Bag Camp, a four parter, starts April 17 and we have samples in the classroom. When camp is over, your bag should be ready to use! Lynn M. is an excellent instructor, so say her students and bag-groupies! Andi will be here Saturday April 15, to teach Feathers on the longarm. And we all love feathers, so learn the best way, practice on our Q’nique machines, then go home and practice, practice, practice.  

 This completes the April business part of the newsletter, so go out there and enjoy yourself, and hopefully, that includes a few stops at SVQ. Our special of the week, at 20% off MSRP. Will be dots and stripes and geometric fabrics, when you give us the code: DOTS20. That’s in shop, or online, and you know how much we all love dots (big ones, small ones, tossed ones, colorful ones, we have many, many from which to choose), because they just make us smile! Hope to see you soon!

Barbara and the crew at SVQ with NO April Fools here

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