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SLX™ Cast Wrap is a premium gloss white repositionable cast film with FLITE Technology™. Designed for the single installer, this film allows for a fast wrap and superior reposition ability for full and partial, vehicle and fleet applications . Arlon strongly recommends the use of Series 3270 Overlaminate when using SLX Cast Wrap for optimum performance of the film.

Vinyl & Laminate ( 54"X150' ROLL) Bundle Price Promo $1099.99
DPF 6100XLP is a shop favorite for its excellent opacity and easy installation thanks to its bubble releasing, clean removing pressure-sensitive adhesive. This cast film has superior conformability around rivets, curves, contours and channels. Arlon strongly recommends the use of Series 3220 Overlaminate when using DPF 6100XLP for optimum performance of the film. See more...

Vinyl & Laminate ( 54"X150' ROLL) Bundle Price Promo $1099.99
Arlon- IllumiNITE Wrap™ Reflective is a 5-mil (125 micron) printable reflective vinyl film featuring FLITE Technology™. With its Lite contact system, the film allows for a fast, repositionable install while maintaining the reflective quality of the film.Using Arlon’s recommended installation techniques, the film easily conforms to irregular and glides over smooth surfaces, enabling graphics to be brightly displayed day and night.  See more..

Available in 10yds; 25yds and 50yds x 48". Call for pricing!
Economy Banner Roll-Up Stand

Silver finish
Clamp top bar
Includes carry bag
Individually boxed

Roll up Stand with Clear Pet Film

Use as Portable, Roll up for Carrying, Permanent Reception and Pick Up
Optical Clear Mylar Film. 
Anti-Static properties

Ready to SELL to your customers
RS25 is a non-medical shield, when used in conjunction with N95 or other grades of face masks, provide basic protection from sprayed liquid droplets and can be washed using soap and water for safe reuse.

Care homes, Retail, Restaurants, Curbside and Pickup personnel, Non-medical protection, Grocery stores, Pharmacies, Tattoo parlors, Public sites & Warehouse personnel 

(with Anti-Static)
Rite-Media Clear Polyester Film (PET) used recently for making low-cost inexpensive DISPOSABLE Face Shields, Screen Separators and Dividers for protection from droplets, saliva, splashing, chemicals etc. especially during the COVID-19 outbreak.
As Businesses prepare to OPEN the government is encouraging businesses to produce PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) items to meet the demands of our customers during this COVID19 crisis. 

Clear Optical Face Shields, Clear Optical, Splash Screens, Hanging Signs, See-thru stand panels & Work area dividers.

Warning: Use only as physical barrier from liquids. Shield is not impact resistant and should not be used as eye protection. Do not use as protection against open flames and sparks. Single use.
This fabric or other substrate is being provided as a service to the community during this public health emergency. This product or other substrate has not been cleared for medical use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This fabric or other substrate has not been evaluated for the prevention of specific diseases or infections, the filtering of surgical smoke or plumes, the filtering of specific amounts of viruses or bacteria, or the killing or reduction in amount of viruses, bacteria or fungi. Individuals or organizations that purchase this fabric or other substrate to manufacture face masks or other products utilizing this fabric or other substrate are responsible for any federal or state regulatory requirements that apply to the manufacture of such face masks or other products whether or not intended for medical use, and are responsible for informing customers, including health care providers, to which the masks or other products are supplied that they are responsible for decisions regarding appropriate personal protective equipment for their personnel. This fabric or other substrate is not intended to be used to manufacture medical-grade face masks or other products or as a replacement for N95 respirators as effective measures to prevent disease, illness, or the spread of viruses.

4 mil Promotional White Calendared Gloss and Matte vinyl with Grey REMOVABLE adhesive.
Great for Promotional displays, Signs, Sandwich boards, everyday graphics, kiosks, POP displays & Real Estate signage. Tinted Grey REMOVABLE solvent adhesive. Stable PE coated 140gm.(90lb) liner provides excellent lay-flat properties.Cost effective for an everyday media. All Graphic Supplies suggests using GB overlaminate when protection against abrasion is needed. Print Compatibility: Solvent, Eco-Solvent & UV