May 1, 2022 -- Volume 21, No. 5
Inflation Help: 25 Ideas for Cutting Expenses

Inflation is making it costlier to do business. Many small businesses are reluctant to raise prices or hike them high enough to maintain their profit margin. An alternative for remaining profitable is to reduce costs and be frugal. Here are 25 ways you can cut expenses without hurting your business. Read More
Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) Reporting for Your Business
ESG reporting is a report a business generates about its environmental, social, and governance impact. It’s usually done by public companies to be more transparent about the risks and opportunities it faces so that investors know their risks and opportunities. ...Small businesses may want to think about these issues…whether or not they formalize their findings in a written report. Read More
Employers' Tax Burden for Having Remote Workers

COVID-19 started a revolution in remote work arrangements. Initially, workers were forced to work from their homes because of government-mandated shutdowns. Then, workers continued working remotely because of preference. Due to the tight labor market, many employers have agreed to this work arrangement to retain their staff and hire new workers. There are certainly many benefits to a company in supporting remote work—the ability to hire talent wherever located, offering a valued employee benefit, and downsizing company space to save money. But there are some added tax problems for employers having remote workers. Read More
What to Do about Rising Interest Rates: 5 Ways to Prepare

On March 16, 2022, the Federal Reserve raised its federal funds rate (referred to as the fed funds rate) for the first time since December 2018 and is expected to have additional increases before the end of the year, depending on the performance of the economy and rate of inflation. The rise in the benchmark interest rate by the Federal Reserve has a trickledown effect on your business. Some of this may be direct while some is indirect. Read More
Startup Ideas: What to Know When Hiring Your First Employee

When you launch a business, you may need one or more employees to help you operate. Or maybe you’ve been in business and have handled every aspect on your own, but now want help. Your first employee may be you if your business is incorporated and you provide services. Having an employee—even yourself—means various tax and regulatory responsibilities. Here’s what to know when hiring your first employee. Read More
Summer Interns: Answer to the Labor Shortage?

Walk down Main Street and you can’t help but notice “Help Wanted” signs in a great number of shops, restaurants, and other establishments. NFIB’s Monthly Report found that inflation is now the top business problem for small businesses, but labor issues remain a close second. ...For the past two years, the pandemic has put a damper on the use of summer interns, but things are changing now. Read More
5 Ways for Business Owners to Give Back

Starting a business usually requires full focus on company activities, leaving little time and money for just about anything else. But if you’ve become a successful business owner, maybe it’s time to think about giving back. I’m in that position now and have thought a lot about how to give back. Here are 5 ways for business owners to give back: Read More
Spring Cleaning for Your Business: The Big Picture

When you think of Spring cleaning, what may come to mind is straightening out your files, cleaning up your desk, and washing down desktops and equipment. But this time of year is ideal to apply the same cleanup thinking to the big view of your business. 5 ideas to consider for the big picture view: Read More
This Month's Featured Guest Blogs
5 Remote Training Best Practices for Your Business
by Shannon Flynn
Since the COVID-19 pandemic, remote-based work has become the norm for many organizations. In fact, statistics show that 36.2 million Americans will be working from home by 2025. Now that companies are shifting to remote work, many businesses need to establish effective virtual training programs. But how can managers quickly adapt to online learning for remote training and development? To maximize productivity and outcomes, managers must utilize these remote training methods for best practices. Read More
The Metaverse and Small Business
The media is ablaze with references to the metaverse, but an exact meaning is difficult to pin down. The term refers to various new technologies and how we relate to it. Essentially, it’s cyberspace and it encompasses such things as virtual reality platforms, digital currency, and virtual identities (e.g., avatars). ...Certainly, small business owners should pay attention.
Low-Cost Retirement Plan Options
Small businesses need to offer a retirement savings plan for employees in order to stay competitive in today’s tight labor market. The federal government estimates that only a little more than half (53%) of businesses with less than 100 employees have a retirement plan for their workers. Yet finding a plan that won’t bust your budget is very doable. Here are some ways to make having a retirement plan affordable for you and beneficial to your staff.
Why Recordkeeping Is Vital and How to Do It
Recordkeeping isn’t fun, but keeping good records is vital. It doesn’t use the talents and skills you deploy in running your business, and it takes time and effort away from your business activities. Recordkeeping for business isn’t optional.
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