Para Ti by Jorge Gomez

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This Music Monday features a wonderful duo we were so excited to introduce to Miami in our May concert, but you know what happened….. Before you settle into the music, please do not forget to fill out the very brief survey at the end of the newsletter.  It is time to begin an honest conversation with you on what you, our friend and supporter, want to see Dranoff develop as we evolve our performance models.  Your thoughts and your feedback are critical in our planning the season ahead. It will take two minutes. That is a promise.
And now, please enjoy a cyber – introduction to Orlay and Orlando Alonso. They were born and raised in Cuba and immigrated to the United States. We look forward to meet them personally, right in our city – just as they look ahead to meet all of us, as they mention in their message.
It will be a treat:
“For them, it is never about showing off what they can do technically, but rather about bringing the listener into the meaning of the music. They are real virtuosos of their instrument not only because of their rock solid performances, but because of their considerable intelligence, sensitivity, intense feeling and contagious joy.” – The New York Times
 They selected for us  a very short piece by Cuban composer Jorge Gomez. It is both catchy and romantic. In fact, think of it as a Nano retreat from your daily pressures, a perfect escape when you need to get up from your desk, close your eyes and sway.
 I added a gorgeous performance clip of Piazzolla’s Nightclub 1960. A breath of movement and freedom.
 Enjoy, relax, dance, and give us your feedback.


Gabriele Fiorentino
The Dranoff 2 Piano Foundation

A personal message from Orlay and Orlando.

The Alonso Brothers website

Nightclub 1960 by Astor Piazzolla

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