National COVID Update for April
To Keep our Members Informed!

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The following aims to reflect general changes that have occurred over the last 4 weeks. During this time, there have also been some changes to localised short term restrictions, previously implemented due to one or more community transmissions. These changes are not reflected in this summary. 
A new COVID SAFE Plan for Outdoor Education Providers was released on April 19th. A summary of the changes can be found here, courtesy of Outdoors QLD. The revised plan is available in full on the QLD Health webpage. 
To date, QLD have not relaxed their restrictions on self-service buffets. 
New South Wales 
Self Service Buffets are once again allowed.
Both the response from NSW Health and the original letter I sent to the NSW Health Minister can be found here. Please note that there is a definition of "Exempt Premises" here
Australian Capital Territory 
Self Service Buffets are once again allowed.
Self Service Buffets are once again allowed.
No significant changes.
South Australia 
No significant changes. 
Please note, Self Service buffets are not allowed
Western Australia 
Self Service Buffets are once again allowed (NB: this has been in place beyond this time frame but has not been reported by CVA previously). 
Northern Territory

No significant changes.
With the exception of SA and QLD, all states and territories are now allowing self-service buffets, albeit with conditions (i.e. sanitising stations at entrance to buffet). CVA is working with our partners in these two states in an effort to have these restrictions eased there as well). 
In most areas of the country, the 2sqm rule applies to adult groups. There has, to date, been no indication whether this rule is likely to be eased/withdrawn in any jurisdiction. 
As we talk to and visit members, we are seeing generally very strong school bookings throughout 2021 with slower uptake on weekends, especially in the church market. Some members however, are reporting an increase in enquiries from churches for camps later in the year. The general feeling is that church camp organisers need to see a period of stability, without community transmission and particularly no lockdowns, before they have the confidence to arrange a camp.