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March, 2015

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A Need for a Paradigm Shift in Health Care Consciousness


During my experience over 37 years as a chiropractor, I have noticed that the majority of new patients have arrived at my office after exhausting all medical care, which included a battery of tests and imagining, a variety of prescription medications, injections or perhaps surgery, often with little or no clinical benefit to the patient.  From my perspective, most of these cases involved the need for conservative care in order to rectify their problems rather than an onslaught of medical procedures. Treatment procedures like spinal adjustments, cranial therapy, acupuncture, postural exercises, electrical rehab for muscles and joints, laser therapy, light therapy, nutritional and supplementation, and stress reducing techniques are effective in most cases.

After my patients experience the power of chiropractic and other alternative health practices in our office, most from that time on seek conservative care first, because they have experienced its effectiveness.
It has always been my mission and vision for people to seek conservative care first rather than following a model that expects the worst case scenario and breeds fear.

This is where true health care reform needs to take place.  The emphasis needs to be on conservative care, wellness and prevention rather than a disease model which we have now.   

Spread the word to your friends and family that health can be created through preventative care rather than doing nothing and then being surprised when the system falls apart.

Nobody does alternative conservative preventative care better than Wagner Holistic Center.  Keep yourself and family healthy by regularly being checked.  Recommend to your friends that this is the way to health.

Dr. Edward D. Wagner DC
Wagner Holistic Center
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