Birds and Yarn? Really?
"Did you know there are two eggs in that robin's nest by the garden?" Corey, my lawnmowing guy, is a naturalist at heart. He spotted the momma robin on her next last Thursday.

I lurked nearby the nest in the evening shadows. Momma was gone so I snapped a photo of those gems. Eggs. A promise of baby birds.
By midday Friday, there were three eggs. I made myself stay away after that. The female was hunkered down but clearly visible since the nest was in an open area of a white cedar, very near to the garden.

The joy was not to last. By Saturday evening, the nest had been raided. The eggs were gone. The nest was disheveled and pulled apart. Momma robin was nowhere in sight.
I've been thinking about that glorious blue color of those eggs. Deep, almost translucent. Jewel toned, yet delicate. By happenstance, I found a broken shell out under trees on the other side of our yard. I got out my colored pencils and matched the shell to a color.
Then I got an idea. I would plan a project around the color of the eggs. I'd let the robin and the nest and the eggs inspire my creativity.

Sueno comes in a color named "Robin's Egg Blue." Starting there, I found one of the Sueno tonals in a color, "Tree Bark," that echoes the brown of the twigs and dried grasses in the nest. Putting those skeins side by side might inspire a baby cardigan or a watch cap or a summer top.

From a chance encounter with a bird and a color comes inspiration for a project. Whether you are a knitter or a crocheter, I'm sure you will find some inspiration here, too.

PS Looking through Ravelry, I spotted a baby cardigan pattern that is written for worsted weight yarn that has stripes. Something like this would be awesome in the blue-brown "egg and nest" color scheme. It's called "Little Coffee Bean Cardigan" and it's a free download. Knitters, you'd have to adapt for Sueno being a DK weight. Crocheters, there are a lot of crochet striped cardigans there, too.