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 | August 2019

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Today's newsletter is a mixed bag.  

As we expected, the stock market continued its climb higher in July with the S&P 500 finishing the month 1.44% higher.  I'm pleased to report that all of our models outperformed the S&P for the month.

Unfortunately, August, which is historically one of the worst months of the year for the stock market, is taking back the summer's gains.  The cause: China trade war.   While we believe this is a war that must be faught to protect our workers and intellectual property over the long run, it is becoming increasingly clear that China will not go down without a fight.   
The News is Driving the Market

The Federal Reserve and the China trade negotiations have figured prominently in the news over the last week and a half, and the market has reacted negatively.

First, to the surprise of no one, the Fed announced a 0.25% interest rate reduction on Wednesday, July 29. Some market participants, however, expected a 0.5% cut and were thus disappointed. Then, Chairman Powell acted a little defensively in his testimony to Congress, stating that the Fed was not necessarily entering into a "rate-cutting cycle." Further, he said the Fed always reserves the right to raise rates in the future as they see fit.

All in all, it was about as hawkish a rate cut as we've ever heard. The market did not sell off on the cut, but it did not break out to the upside either.

The very next day, President Trump tweeted about possible additional Chinese tariffs effective September 1. The S&P began to sell off late last week. What looked like a normal uptrend correction worsened over the weekend when China responded in kind to the US threatened tariffs and also immediately devalued its currency more than 10%.  The effect is to make their goods cheaper than ours on a relative basis, leading to Monday's action where the S&P was down over 3% at one point during the day.

As discussed below, there has been significant technical damage done to the current uptrend, and we have decided to hedge our stock holdings as result of today's sell off. But we do not anticipate being hedged for a long period of time, or that this will become a protracted bear market. Corporate earnings drive the stock market in the long run, not the latest news headlines.
Technical Picture

Today, the S&P & Dow have sold off below their support line going back to the December low.  As a result of the technical picture driven by the news of an escalation in the trade negotiations with China, we have hedged our portfolio for now.

The S&P currently trades at 2849 as of this writing.  For the overall uptrend to remain intact (higher highs followed by higher lows), the S&P 500 needs to find support above the June low of 2729. 
KCM Macro Trends - Classification Mistake

As you know, we use our mutual fund, the award-winning KCM Macro Trends Fund (KCMTX), in the management of our models and your money.*

Effective August 1, Morningstar reclassified KCMTX from its "multi-alternative" category to its "large-blend" category.** Do not be alarmed. Nothing has changed on our end.

Notwithstanding any third-party classification, you can rest assured that we remain an active manager focused on growing your wealth by striving to capture a majority of market uptrends; while at the same time doing our best to minimize bear-market losses that can have a catastrophic effect on your standard of living and retirement, e.g., 2001-2003 bear markets and the 2008-2009 financial crisis.

The unfortunate result of this reclassification is that our risk averse approach to investing is now being compared by Morningstar to "style box" funds, including some of which have zero risk management. A good thing in bear markets, but not always in bull markets. Apples and oranges.

The large-blend classification also gives the misleading impression that KCMTX invests only in large US company stocks. Not so. The fund invests in multiple asset classes including stocks, both domestic and foreign, bonds and commodities. It can also hedge market risk, like we did today, whereas many large-blend funds cannot.

Lipper, notably, continues to correctly classify the fund in the Alternative Global Macro category where it is a Lipper Leader achieving their highest rating of '5' in total returns and consistent returns for the 3-year, 5-year, and Overall periods out of 199, 173, and 199 funds respectively, as of 6/30/2019. The fund also won Lipper's 2018 and 2019 Awards for Best Alternative Global Macro Fund - 5 Years.***

We're doing our best to get Morningstar to correct its mistake and reinstate the fund's multi-alt classification, but are told, as crazy as it seems, we may have to wait a year.

In Closing

Nobody wins a trade war; everyone loses.  While we don't necessarily agree, it's hard to see who the winner might be at this point.  The stock market doesn't like uncertainty and for the moment that's what we've got.  I even heard one pundit say we're in a new "Cold War."   He may be right.  Accordingly, we have taken steps to protect our portfolios from trade war volatility and seasonal weakness.  

" Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish."    John Quincy Adams


Marty Kerns
President & Chief Executive Officer
Parker Binion
Chief Investment Officer
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