A New Attitude - 1970s Punk Rock
Loud, dark, and dangerous - Punk Rock burst onto the music scene with an aggressive sound and an in your face attitude. The two-minute anthem reigned supreme. Mohawks, piercings, ripped jeans, and black leather jackets were everywhere.  

Global ImageWorks’ collection of mid-1970s punk footage and photos is a must see for anyone documenting these times. 

Shot at the legendary CBGB and other landmark New York City venues, GIW’s archive covers the early days of the Punk Rock movement and features footage of the Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie, Richard Hell, Wayne County, and many others. Click here to check out footage from the GIW archive .

GIWPhoto’s collection takes you to the Round House in London and drops you on NYC’s Lower East Side. Click here to sample some GIWPhoto images

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