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that speaks intimately of those who dwell
there, honors the architectural legacy of
their home, and makes it an important part
of their own personal legacy.
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Winter 2017 
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Happy clients and word of mouth referrals are important to our business.   When your friends, family and neighbors start working on their homes, please encourage them to call us for their design and consultation needs. 

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Roycroft Renaissance 
Master Artisan

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As a Master Artisan of the Roycroft Renaissance, I have the honor and distinction of working to uphold an important part of America's artistic legacy, as well as the responsibility to keep alive the spirit of art as manifested throughout the ages. It is a rare opportunity and I see it as a great responsibility. Read More.


Artisans Guild 


As charter members of the Preservation Artisans Guild, we are pleased to be among a network of highly skilled artisans and craftspeople who are passionate about preservation and restoration. Read More

Northwest Designer


has a rich legacy as one of the founding groups of what became America's Studio Movement. The Studio Movement is what the Arts & Crafts Movement evolved into after mass manufacturing won out over hand-crafted production. Read More. 

Greeting Cards 

CJ press photos-Front view

Artist, Designer, Consultant

"Creating paintings and interiors that fire the imagination, stir the deepest emotions, inspire the soul, and offer new things to explore upon each viewing is the most gratifying and satisfying thing I can do with my art. "

Kiva Flower Stained Glass Detail
Pergola Design Kitchen Design Trim Design
Stained Glass Design Exterior Color

Exterior Color Exterior Color

Color Designer, Consultant, Project Manager

Barbara is passionate about the people we work with. She is interested in their personal stories and getting at the heart of what's important to them so that we can best meet their needs. Read More 

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Dear clients, colleagues, supporters, and friends, 
Greetings and good wishes! Unless you follow our studio on Facebook, then it's been a while since you've heard from us. Our move to Pennsylvania was a bigger undertaking than we could have ever imagined, but we have emerged from the process and are settling in nicely-both at home and in our new studio. We want to give a huge and heartfelt Thank You 
to all of you around the country who have supported and encouraged us during this major life transition and effort to be closer to our parents. We were overjoyed by the positive feedback and messages of understanding you sent us after our announcement last spring. Our families are also grateful for all of your positive wishes and encouraging sendoffs. We are finding that we made the right choices and are enjoying the opportunity to spend quality time with our parents. We are grateful to all of you on the west coast who have continued working with us from our remote location with all of your projects.

We look forward to seeing many of our clients and colleagues from around the country later this month at the Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Conference! 
CJ and Barbara
 Century Arts' New Home:
Historic Oil City, PA 
We have been so very warmly welcomed into our new community, and must give thanks and appreciation to all of you here in Venango County for your support.

For those wondering why we chose to live in Oil City, you might be interested in reading the testimonial we were asked to write for the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce.
 Our New Studios
Our studios are now in the historic National Transit Building.  We're not organized enough to share photos of our work-spaces yet (next issue), but you'll enjoy seeing the entry to our building.


The Arts Oil City office is located on the first floor and the second floor is dedicated to artist studios.  There is a vibrant arts and music community here. We don't know how many professional artists and craftspeople work in our community, but we do know that the arts relocation program has attracted approximately 50 professional artists from around the country over the past 10 years.

By our Own Hands Exhibit 

By our Own Hands: The Roycrofters Continue the Handcraft Tradition of the Arts & Crafts Movement  

An exhibit featuring the art and craft of a group of Roycroft Renaisanace Artisans.
Guest curated by CJ Hurley and Barbara Pierce
On Exhibit: March 3, 2017 - April 7, 2017

We were honored to be asked by local arts organization, Art Inside, to curate an exhibit on the Roycroft Arts & Crafts Colony and introduce the wonderful legacy of the Roycrofters to our community. We've been hard at work putting together an exhibit that we and our fellow Roycroft artisans can be proud of. We'll be sharing more information about this with you soon but if you're interested you can learn more here.

New Greeting Card: The Copse
If you haven't checked out our greeting cards in a while, we have developed a new card from CJ's recent watercolor painting, The Copse.

This painting of an early winter scene features a small cluster of buildings set against a copse of trees under a moonlit night sky. It also features an illuminated title plate that complements the composition.
The back of the card reads:
On a quiet moonlit night, near a farm nestled 
under the shadows of a copse of mighty trees, 
an early November snow melts to reveal the grass, 
still green, that lies beneath.

Original Image: Watercolor and India ink on handmade paper 
2016 © CJ Hurley

Hand-crafted oak frame by Roycroft Master Artisan,
Thomas Pafk

Recent Projects!

We are grateful to have Portland and other West Coast clients keeping us busy with their projects through our transition! 

As soon as we got our studio up and running in the summer Barbara stayed busy with a wide range of fun exterior color consultations in and around Portland.

Thank you to the great painting contractors in our network for supporting our decision to move and for continuing to send color consultations our way! We are truly grateful!

We have a couple of ongoing projects that we've been very excited to work on. A special shout out to our friend and long time client, Craig Kuhns for his continued support and work on the restoration of his family home, the 1880's Joseph Jacobberger [1869-1930] designed, Risley House.

CJ evaluating the restoration efforts on
Craig's Arts & Crafts Settle

Joan and Angelo Spada are incredible stewards of old buildings and we have long admired their commitment to their small community of St. Paul, Oregon. We are proud to be helping them realize a long time dream of saving a 1902 one room Schoolhouse they bought several decades ago.

CJ at the drafting table working on custom design for a special entry tile 
Our work on this project with them entails interior and exterior color, lighting, tile design and more for the schoolhouse and a newly constructed traditional Barn adapted for mixed use.  David Hoffer is a master at carrying out these designs with aplomb.
Bathroom Tile Specs 

We have been, and are, very lucky to have loyal clients and great friends in Portland and the Pacific Northwest. We want our clients in Portland, the Pacific Northwest, and California, to know that we continue to retain our business relationships there, and are still dedicated to your projects. Do not hesitate to call us if you're in need our services, as we are accustomed to working long distance.

To everyone who inquired about getting a project on our schedule prior to our move
, please know that we do have you on our project board! We will soon be starting new projects and will be in touch about scheduling. If your project requires that we be onsite, we will keep you posted of our travel plans.