90-Day Meeting Outlook
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Podiatry Institute | Annual Winter Conference | Park City, UT

PRESENT | Treasure Hunt | Los Angeles, CA

FAPA | Scientific Seminar in the Sun | Jamaica

ACFAS | Annual Scientific Conference | San Antonio, TX

MPMA | Great Lakes Conference | Dearborn, MI

IFAF | Lake Tahoe Seminar | Lake Tahoe, CA

CPMA | Annual Conference | Hartford, CT
Podiatry Institute | French Quarter Conference | New Orleans, LA

NCAPM | No Nonsense Seminar | Independence, OH

FABI | Annual Conference | Miami, FL

Podiatry Institute | Stepping Forward - Leading the Way
Women-Centric Conference | Nashville, TN

IFAF | Seattle Lower Extremity Seminar | Federal Way, WA

Graham International | Annual Symposium | Lexington, KY

GPMA (Georgia) | Annual Summit | Atlanta, GA

APMA | Coding Seminar | Dallas, TX
PRESENT | Superbones Superwounds East | Teaneck, NJ

WSPMA | Annual Conference | Spokane, WA

MsPMA | Diabetes Symposium | Biloxi, MS

Podiatry Institute | Valley of the Sun Conference | Phoenix, AZ

APWCA | Wound Week | Milwaukee, WI

DERMfoot | Annual Seminar | Tysons Corner, VA

MPC | Annual Conference | Chicago, IL
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Voice of the DPM
Washington, DC

When I go to a seminar I am there for new content and new speakers.  I rarely go to a seminar just to earn CME. The other aspect of going to a seminar is the building of relationships with other doctors . As you know, you can learn a lot from another clinician!

I want to build relationships with other doctors both for my clinical evolution as well as my personal growth. Most of the attendees at the seminar have a lot in common with me already, and finding the ones who sync with me is just as important as learning some Monday morning information to test out on the next patient.

When it comes to the lectures that I get value from... because I am a solo practitioner and do in-house billing, I am interested in BOTH the clinical part of running a practice, as well as the coding and billing arm of the practice. In both cases…what you don’t know…..can hurt you, so I split my time between scientific lectures and practical coding, billing, marketing, and team building. 

For meeting progress... there are many speakers who are not good public speakers and it becomes hard to pay attention and listen to them for a 30 minute session. I like it when the seminar has added discussions and roundtables amongst speakers and less of the single doctor reading a slide to me that I am capable of reading myself. With the advent of smart phones- there is a audience response system known as Kahoot which allows the audience to participate in quizzes and this can stimulate a boring seminar to make it more interesting.

I also enjoy going through the exhibit hall, and I want exhibitors who have products which relate somehow to the lecture topics. I do not want a hall that has exhibitors that just want to make a buck. This is long term – I want to get to know everyone.

Again, I know we need a minimum number of CME for licensure but I tend to pick seminars for their content rather than for their price and proximity. I also want to hear new speakers and topics which are not at all of the podiatry seminars.

My interest in skin and nail disease points me in the direction of the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting which is perhaps the ultimate of the larger meeting events.

For the smaller more manageable derm-centric meeting I am biased toward the DERMfoot Seminar (which I do help run) as the topics are new and exciting.

In terms of the practice management meetings – one may want to consider the annual FABI ( Foot and Ankle Business Innovations) event. I recently learned more about marketing than I was ever aware of and it was fun and interesting.
Dr. Joel Morse is Board certified in Podiatric Surgery, Podiatric Orthopedics and Primary Podiatric Medicine, and is a fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. He has practiced in Washington DC since 1991 and is an associate clinical professor at Georgetown University Medical Center, where he sees patients and performs surgery. He is also on staff at Sibley Memorial Hospital and Washington Hospital Center. He is actively involved with the Podiatric Surgical Residency at that hospital. He is also on staff at a surgery center in Wheaton, Maryland (Burkland Medical Center) for most elective surgery. Dr. Morse is the past president of the American Society of Foot & Ankle Dermatology and was the president of the American Society of Podiatric Dermatology for more more than 10 years. He has been in private practice for over 24 years.

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Vendors' 2020 New Products & Services

What’s New This Year… and Where You Can Find It
Relax: Canodyne CBD Recovery Lotion

Canodyne CBD Recovery Lotion is an original formulation crafted with all-natural ingredients which contain anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce swelling, irritation, and redness.

TRAKnet 2020 User Conference

This exciting, three-day event (June 18 – 20) will be held in Dearborn, Michigan - just outside Detroit. Register to learn everything you need to know about TRAKnet, the #1 Podiatry EHR, and all of its integrated practice enhancement features.  Existing and potential users welcome!

Micro-Drilling Attachment to Class IV Laser (FDA-Cleared)

NOW, provide enhanced fungal treatment with FDA-cleared micro-drilling attachment! Micro-drilling is a pain-free procedure that creates micro-pores into patients’ nail plates allowing topical antifungals to reach the nail bed.

More Vendor New Products/Services (listed in alphabetical order by category/company)

Allied OSI Labs - Richie Brace® Medicare Guide

The Tetra Corporation - Formula7 ® & Formula7 ® Rapid MicroGel®

2020 Imaging - Momentum Wireless Panel

3Gen/Dermlite - MagnetiConnect® Kit

IMS Medical Suppl y - Amnio, Cord Blood, PRP, BMC, and Exosome Injectables

Zimmer MedizinSystems - $0 Down Leasing Program

Pinnacle Practice Achievement - Practice Engagement Program

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January 2020's Featured Meeting: Treasure Hunt
Last year, PRESENT e-Learning Systems brought their unique CME conference format to the 37-year-old Los Angeles County Podiatric Medical Association (LACPMA) Treasure Hunt Conference.

This resulted in 290+ attendees, 10 hours of CME, and six complimentary hands-on workshops to a standing room only audience.

The Conference is being expanded in 2020 with 12 complimentary hands-on workshops, a lecture program based on the feedback that we got from attendees last year, and a new layout to avoid the overcrowding we experienced last year.

New in 2020 will be a program to help California podiatrists fulfill their state mandated radiology requirement.
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