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The End of Sickness and Disease

#GoldenEra, #Nesara, #Gesara


By Syndicated Columnist


Aug. 27, 2021


I am writing this article to instill hope for the future. Despite everything that has happened, what if I told you because we are going into a new era, #GoldenEra (#GoldenYears), #Nesara, #Gesara, this would be the end of many sicknesses and diseases.

Opportunities to Reinvent Yourself

With all the changes taking place in the world right now, you have an opportunity to walk away from your careers and build other careers, but you need to pay attention (Go back and read articles at so you will understand what has happened.

Employees are refusing to go back into workplaces. Some are pooling their funds, moving in with family and even starting farms.

Some are making more money receiving unemployment or with worker's compensation claims -- so they are saying no to these workplaces -- especially if they are trying to make the jab mandatory -- so do you blame them.

Others just have had enough of the 'workplace abuse' on their jobs along with 'low-wages' -- so they are saying no to these employers.

So therefore, employees are walking away from jobs and going into other careers that they have always dreamed about. And many are extremely happy!

Don't sit back and sleep and be a sheep, when all this opportunity is out here for you to reinvent yourself. But in order to reinvent yourself, you need to put your health first and that is what this article is about.

This article is a collaboration of the ideas that I have been putting out in the universe for many years. Because of the year 2020, I am just hoping that many families or a large proportion of families are finally ready to put some of these ideas to work -- so that it will be the end of many sicknesses and diseases -- at least for their own families.

Many people left this earth plane in 2020. It was just time for their transition out of this world. However, the families that are left behind need to pick up the pieces and carry on with their lives.

They need to be ready to save the rest of their family from any type of sickness and disease. This article is a good first start to getting there.


About Me and My Upbringing

I am an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Natural and Holistic Healer, and a GMO Educator at

I became a Natural and Holistic Healer after almost passing away from Heavy Metal poisoning in 2008 at the age of 50. Then once I healed myself naturally, mostly by reading over 200 books, I became a GMO Educator.

One thing I learned through my health crisis is that doctors know very little about health and nutrition and that the medical and pharmaceutical industry is BIG BUSINESS.

You can read my blog post entitled "The Awakening," which is also my Preface in my first of 8 health books entitled "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self-Help Guide to Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days (Series 3).

Understand up-front that most Holistic and Natural Healers went through a type of similar health crisis as I did, which helped all of us step into our 'true calling', which is to help others heal naturally.

Years ago there were many of us out there but we were viewed as "Quacks" by the medical and pharmaceutical industry, despite the fact that many of us were actually healing people.

Many were forced out of this country and these are the natural health experts that will be coming back on the scene as we go into the #GoldenYears -- so make sure you join my group at

I can always be grateful for being born and raised on a farm in rural Georgia in the deep south. Everything we ate came from the land. That is just how we lived.

I don’t ever remember going to the doctor until I turned 19 and then it was for my Army physical. I now realize that I got a good head start in my life and even though I did not put my farming skills to work right away, at the age of 64, I still have these same skills and knowledge on how to live this way again.

I did live this way for a year in 2017/2018 when I grew 3 raised bed gardens in Austin, TX, and formed two initiatives for growing foods naturally -- "Virtual Organic Garden Clubs Movement" and "Brothers Building Gardens".

To learn how to grow foods in my area the first step I took was to attend a weekly gardening class at a Natural Gardening Center for 2 months.

Then I counted on youtube gardening shows to help me with other questions that I had about growing foods.

Between these two steps - 1) Attending weekly gardening classes, and 2) Youtube gardening shows, I grew at least 8 different foods in my gardens and they grew beautifully.

Even when I woke up one day with all my foods lying on the ground from a 'cold spell', I was still able to nurse the foods and my garden back to life.

My refrigerator was always overflowing with fresh green foods picked weekly from my garden. As a matter of fact, I had so much food I had to give it away to others.

Again, I feel quite lucky to have acquired these skills and to have been raised in this manner. At the time though, many of us who grew up on farms did not realize the head start or value systems we were able to achieve at such a young age.

Some never realized this and they are the ones that went on to adopt an unhealthy way of living and even witnessed many of their loved ones perish from this earth -- too early -- because of it.

Even though at the time it might have seemed like a hard way to make a living, this way of living was indeed early lessons that we should always cherish and especially share with others.

Are You Living a 'High-Risk' or 'Low-Risk' Lifestyle?

Remember that the Corona/COVID virus has disappeared. It did come from the Wuhan lab back in Sep/Oct 2019 and many people had one of the 20 strains from that time until Mar. 2020, but after that, it disappeared.

If you are still having health issues at this time, it is probably 'pre-existing' conditions from your high-risk lifestyle especially from eating GMO processed foods.

The goal is to figure out if you will keep living a high-risk lifestyle or if you are ready to transition over to a low-risk lifestyle.

Lifestyles are what you do from the time you get up out of bed everyday until the time you go to bed at night. These are the habits you have on a daily basis. Remember it takes 3 weeks or more to form NEW HABITS.

Some people have high-risk lifestyles and others have low-risk lifestyles. Decide if you are low-risk or high-risk for sicknesses and diseases.

High-Risk Lifestyles

If you are one of those individuals that just eat what you want to eat and never monitor yourself, and never go to the doctor to see if all your 'numbers are in range' or you do go to the doctor and believe everything they tell you -- then there is a very good chance that you might be suffering from some type of underlining ‘pre-existing’ condition such as diabetes or high blood glucose, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, etc.

You are the individuals I call #HighRisk. High-Risk individuals are the ones who depend on doctors to live and are probably on medications or they are just taking a chance with their life.

Many don't believe in natural or holistic healing. These individuals will very seldom venture out on their own to understand how the human body actually works and they will usually live 'sickly lifestyles'.

Low-Risk Lifestyles

Low-risk individuals are the individuals that stay in a 'research mode'. Most probably watch very little T.V. and many don't readily believe everything they hear especially from those they are close to.

They spend a majority of the day trying to find out the true facts and they really investigate how things work.

They usually do get regular medical checkups, but many have very few health issues between their regular checkups.

Most live holistic and natural lifestyles because they take the following steps:

-Eat good, clean, organic foods with very little cooking.

-Drink good quality water.

-Take daily supplements.

-Get plenty of regular exercises (especially yoga and meditation, which are the two best exercises for the brain).

-Get plenty of rest.

-Get plenty of sunlight.

-Breathe in plenty of fresh air (Take off mask)

-Do regular detoxifications ('detox' for short) especially to remove #HeavyMetals. Read Chapter 1 of my first health book, which will walk you through the detoxification process at entitled "How To Take Control of Your Own Life: A Self Help Guide To Becoming Healthier Over the Next 30 Days (Series 3)". 

Again, these low-risk individuals are generally healthy and full of life, energy, and vitality and this is the group and habits you should be slowly adapting to.

This is How They Started Poisoning You

When you eat foods are supposed to give you the energy and the vitality to get out there and enjoy your life -- a 'pain-free' life.

Foods can contain poisons that can send a negative or positive charge throughout your body. So, therefore, you might even have to experiment with your own body.

What you need to understand is that getting healthy and staying there can be somewhat like a puzzle or a major challenge for many people, but just remember you are indeed what you eat.

Despite learning about foods when I get sick in 2008 with 'heavy metal poisoning', the icing on the cake for me was when I started eating the #BloodType diet along with a combination of the #Gluten-Free diet in 2012.

So even though I felt great after healing my ownself in 2008, it still took me another 4 years until I felt that I had reached my 'highest potential of health.'

The goal is to figure out early on what diet you should be eating. Try out different diets, eat a combination of diets, but monitor yourself especially for the first 72 hours so that you can figure out if you are experiencing any side effects from what you eat.

You might also need to start a food journal. (Read the section below on 'Food Allergies').

There are several diets out there including:

-Blood-Type Diet

-Gluten-Free Diet

-Vegan Diet

-Paleo Diet

-Keto Diet

-Standard American Diet (SAD)

Most Americans eat the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is called SAD, and that right there should tell you something.

Over 80% of Americans probably eat this diet, which is full of GMO processed foods and that is why we have a high amount of sickness and disease (or dis-ease) in this country especially when it comes to our children.

You need to understand the origin of the four (4) basic food groups. You cannot trust the government, the medical industry, and especially the pharmaceutical industry, who worked tirelessly from the very beginning of your life – to come up with the four (4) basic food groups, which can get you sick and keep you sick.

This miseducation was put out there from the very beginning of your life. The school system indoctrinated you from the very beginning and taught you how to eat so they could keep you sick.

This was done on purpose so that you become dependent on the medical and pharmaceutical industries. And even most doctors don't know how to eat properly and this is why many pass away in their 60s.

Most doctors cannot tell you how to eat because many had very little training on nutrition when they go to medical schools. And who funds medical schools – the pharmaceutical industry.

The medical and pharmaceutical industry is BIG BUSINESS, so they want to keep you sick and/or on medications. Once you understand this, your whole life should change -- for the better.

Sit down with Natural and Holistic Healers in your areas. These individuals can help you figure out which diets work for you and your body. These experts are located in every city.

The GMO Effect

There is so much hope for the future. Not only will there be ways to heal the human body with med beds and other technologies, but many scientists are currently coming up with ways to reverse some of the damage caused by GMOs.

I have been a GMO Educator since healing my ownself in 2008 and all 8 of my health books including my two books on gardening at, have a chapter on GMOs, also called Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), Genetically Engineered Foods, Genetically Altered Foods, and FrankenFoods, after Frankenstein “The Monster.”

You can't really talk about health and healing today unless you also discuss GMOs. Don't waste your time working with any dietician, nutritionist, physical trainer, or other health experts, unless they are actively educating you on GMOs and their side effects.

What Are GMOs?

GMOs (or 'Processed Foods') are foods that you buy in a package, can, jar, or another container -- foods that have been processed, where other toxic ingredients have been added.

Most of the processed foods today or over 90% contain 'corn' and 'soybeans,' which are two of the most toxic GMO foods. And both of these foods are why cancer is the 2nd largest killer across every community.

These GMO foods came on the scene in the late 80s, but over the last 5 years, they really became mainstream and became most people's favorite way to eat -- especially during the 2020 shut-down.

Genetically engineering techniques have been used on our foods for years. These techniques, generally known as combining genetic DNA technology, use DNA molecules from different sources, which are combined into one molecule to create a new set of genes.

For instance, they mix the DNA of a plant with the DNA of an animal so that it will grow quicker, bigger and stronger, while increasing the longevity of the plant or animal, making it some type of “super breed.”

These products have undergone only short-term testing to determine their effects on humans and the environment.

They use DNA primarily from bacteria and fungus. Remember, bacteria are life-forms and they will find a way to survive.

They mix the pesticides and herbicides into plant seeds and the feed of animals, so they would not have to spray crops, but this resulted in bug resisted crops with superweeds and superbugs.

Animals that have been Genetically Modified to save time and money are chickens, pigs, turkeys, etc. This is alarming because these Genetically Modified chickens cannot urinate, so the urine goes back up in them.

That is why these foods taste so juicy to those consuming them. For an egg to turn into a chicken, it takes a period of just one week. In the past in regular chickens, it took at least three weeks for this process.

Side Effects of Eating GMOs

Despite many people coming down with sicknesses and diseases because of GMOs, Morgellon’s Disease is a new disease where hair-like fibers extend from your skin. This condition has been recognized by experts as a condition caused by eating GMOs.

Not only have GMOs depleted the human body of nutrition (#NutritionalDeficiencies), but it has also attacked the main source of the human body -- the 'human brain'.

If you eat these GMO foods (processed foods) there is no way to avoid eating pesticides and herbicides, which are poisons, heavy metals, and neurotoxins, which turn the brain off.

These GMO foods will cause brain issues such as brain cancer, mental illness, bipolar disorder, depression, memory loss, brain fog, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), etc.

This has resulted in people becoming “zombie-like” and for many to live in a “brain-dead” society, where people can’t think for themselves.

And one thing GMO foods did was 'knock the fight out of people.' This is why many people have turned into sheep and just depend on the TV and/or government to tell them what is happening or how to live their lives. They have no energy to fight back!

Other multiple illnesses caused by GMOs include antibiotic resistance diseases and new diseases such as Morgellon’s disease, food allergies, toxins, digestive issues, nutritional issues, organ damage, reproductive disorders, and birth defects (such as kids born with smaller brains and low birth weight), miscarriages, infertility or lower sperm counts, immune problems, diabetes, cancer, obesity, blindness, accelerated aging – just to name a few.

Who Are The Main Group that GMOs Affect?

In the past few years, Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs made many family members sick especially young children because children have an undeveloped and weak immune system.

So, therefore, they were the main group affected by GMOs, which at that time was in 90% of processed foods.

Just remember that GMOs are why many children especially have ended up with sicknesses and diseases that we did not have when I grew up as a #BabyBoomer.

Over 80% of overweight children will also become overweight adults. Many children are absent from school with diseases especially cancer, which is the #NumberTwo sickness across every community.

I don’t ever remember anyone in my school being sick or overweight, but today, you can see what GMOs or 'Processed Foods' have done to the human body and especially to our children.

Who Owns All the GMO Crops?

Don't forget that 70 to 80% of all crops grown in the U.S. (it might be higher now) are now Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and are owned by Monsanto from St. Louis, who sold out to Bayer a few years back.

Not only did they intimidate farmers and forced them to stop saving natural seeds and to use their GMO seeds, but they also hired others to follow and harass GMO Educators in communities and online.

Not only were our GMO messages censored on social media, but the goal was to make our messages sound crazy and because of the intimidation and fear, many GMO Educators did stop educating communities.

President Obama also put Michael Taylor, the former Vice President of Monsanto, in charge of the twice, while he made a 6-figure salary.

He was put into this position so that he could make laws and rules to make growing organic foods -- illegal. This was all put into place to stop farmers and homeowners from growing organic foods.

Rise of Autism

You have to love children to be a pediatrician – right? Maybe not. Like teaching, many people went into teaching after their jobs were abolished in Corporate America.

Many of these teachers did not even like children. They were only there for the paycheck and many still need to be weeded out.

Pediatricians are some of the worse doctors because 80% of their salaries come from giving vaccinations to children.

This is why they convince overworked and/or single mothers to allow them to give all these vaccinations at one time – so they don’t have to take time to come back into their offices.

This practice can certainly and have caused Autism to show up in many children. Autism comes from three (3) different practices, but many people especially mothers, even mothers of kids with autism, are still in denial and won’t take precautions to prevent it.

Autism comes from:

1) Vaccinations especially 'back-to-back' vaccinations such as Measles, Mumps, and Rubella, (MMR), which is given around 18 months of age. Some doctors will even give the vaccination sooner, which will automatically cause 'autism.' The autism movement is asking mothers to conduct more research and even wait until the child is at least 3 years of age or older before giving them this shot -- if you plan on giving it to your child. You can always get exemptions.

2) Pregnant mothers refusing to eat good, clean, organic foods. You need to be committed to taking care of yourself when pregnant because you can pass on diseases to your child. Look at the quality of foods that you are eating.

3) Families feeding their children, which are the most vulnerable group to GMOs, TOXIC processed foods (which is a neurotoxin that turns off the brain).

It's hard enough raising a child today who is not sick especially as a single mother so these mothers are overwhelmed.

Having a child with autism can be a lot of work for mothers especially single mothers so Grandmothers and other women (#BringBackMommasMovement) need to step in and help families out with kids with autism.

Baby-sit and give mothers a break and/or help mothers select a good quality of foods for their children. Instead of going to the local neighborhood grocery stores -- help them buy good quality foods -- even if it means traveling further for these foods.

These kids who have been diagnosed with autism need to start receiving autism treatments as early as possible (at least by 18 months) in order to reverse some of these symptoms of autism and yes many of the symptoms can be reversed especially with good, clean diets.

Today you have non-verbal kids walking around with a diaper on at 5 or 6 years of age and many of the family members, especially the parents, are in denial about their conditions. This is where other family members especially grandparents need to step in.

Some of these families have 2 to 3 children with autism or 'brain issues,' where they might have brain seizures or another brain issue.

If mothers and other family members were aware of the above facts about autism, then they might have been able to prevent having another child with a 'brain injury.'

It's important to do everything in your power to educate families on autism and what actually causes it and we all must do our best to share information and help families gain access to good, clean, organic foods.

Form in-home, online, or community meetings with others. You can use and other facebook groups such as "Black Autism Moms" and share knowledge and wisdom with these young mothers.

To learn more about Autism, watch the 2016 documentary “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe.”

Food Allergies vs. Environmental Allergies

Food Allergies

The problem is most Americans are eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), which is full of mucus-producing and inflammatory foods especially GMO processed foods, and many of these foods cause 'food allergies'.

Along with Autism, food allergies are one of the biggest issues since GMOs came on the scene and in the past 5 years, many younger and older adults are now suffering from food allergies.

Many times people think they have environmental allergies, but in fact, they have food allergies instead.

Just remember that many regions grow different foods during different seasons and sometimes it all can be too hard to keep up with especially if you travel or move often. So, therefore, it's important to support local growers and get to know the foods grown in your area.

With food allergies sometimes you have a hard time keeping your head above water and these food allergies will affect how your feel, look at, and react to certain situations.

With one of the side-effects of food allergies being 'breathing issues,' food allergies probably played a major role in many Corona/COVID sicknesses and deaths. However, don't forget the media, which is there to instill fear, LIED about many of the deaths.

Remember sometimes these food allergies won’t show themselves for 48 to 72 hours after consuming a meal.

Many people with asthma, acid reflex, COPD, and other breathing issues are consuming a diet full of mucus and inflammation and just might be suffering from 'food allergies' instead of these conditions.

Because of these breathing issues, many go on medications from doctors, then 2 weeks later they will end up on more medications because of side-effects of the first medication and they are never able to balance out their diets and figure out that they just have 'food allergies'.

Once you cut out certain mucus-producing and inflammatory foods from their diets especially foods that cause food allergies such as chocolate, eggs, dairy products, fried foods, etc., then these breathing issues and other allergic issues that you have from consuming your meals will disappear.

It is about being committed to figuring out which foods are problematic and which foods give you the energy and vitality to live an energetic life -- full of vitality.

So monitor yourself up to 72 hours (3 days) after you eat to see if the foods are causing any type of side-effect such as:

-tingling or itching in the mouth

-skin can turn red or you can have an itchy red rash (hives)

-swelling of the face, mouth, throat or other areas of the body

-difficulty swallowing

-wheezing or shortness of breath

-feeling dizzy and lightheaded

You might even want to start keeping a food journal to keep up with what you are eating and don't hesitate to work with a dietician, nutritionist and especially Holistic and Natural Healers and other healers, which are located in EVERY COMMUNITY.

Environmental Allergies

Food allergies are a big issue, but I am not saying that you still can't be allergic to your environment or have environmental issues too.

Therefore, it will still be important to monitor the contaminants, pollutants, and toxins you come in contact with on a daily basis.

-Firstly, you want to be careful what you are using to clean your home with.

-Secondly, you want to be mindful of the products that you are putting on your body.

The word "Natural" means 'without chemicals'. Only use NATURAL PROCESSES. This means do your best to use natural products when you clean your house and only put natural products on your body.

Did you know the air quality in most people's homes is 2 to 3 times more toxic than the air quality outside of their homes?

This should never be the case so it will be important to transition to using natural products in your home to clean with and natural products to put on your body.

To heal the human body, it's extremely important to breathe in fresh, clean air every day. Open your windows up for a short period everyday and go outside and just breathe.

Please take those masks off!!! Many people especially children are coming down with brain issues from wearing masks (lack of oxygen).

There are also 'breathology' experts that can teach you the correct way to breathe. Again, we all need to be in virtual or physical classes as we transition over into this new era, #GoldenEra. There is so much to learn.


It is said that instead of Chemtrails being sprayed throughout the country -- because we are moving into a new era, #GoldenAge, where we will be taking care of people, they are now actually spraying a substance that is improving the air quality and healing the land. It's possible. Changes are happening!

However, I have listened to presentations by Air Force whistleblowers in the past, who said these were 'heavy metals' that were damaging to the makeup of the human body.

Not only were people breathing in these chemtrails and/or 'heavy metals', but these poisons were also landing on the food supply system -- so one can only hope this to be true.

Healing With Med Beds?

Going into this new era, #GoldenYears, there will be medical beds (aka 'Med Beds') technology that was developed years ago and used mostly by the elite (the 1%) to keep their bodies healed.

I even heard initially that the technology came from our Galactic brothers and sisters and that you can even grow limbs again with it. I don’t know if that is true or not.


But, the med bed's technology, which has been suppressed from ordinary people like you and me and was mostly used by the 1%, is why they were able to live to be 100 years old and older.

This technology will soon be available to everyone. Now everyone will have access to at least 6,000 other patents and new technology to heal the human body and the environment.

The med beds will also be available for those who were damaged by vaccinations. Healing with med beds will be key to getting the population back on track, but unless you learn how to form good, new health habits with new 'healthy lifestyles' -- all I can see is once you finish using these beds -- you will become a candidate to use these beds again.

No one knows how frequently you will be given a chance to use the med beds so it will be important for you and your family to pick up new healthy habits as we go into this New Earth.

Counting on med beds to cure you of sickness and disease is like waiting on a check from the government. If you do receive the check, there is a chance that you will never receive another check again.

The med beds, which is a natural way to heal the body, will initially be available to the children and other victims that have been rescued from the Satanic Elites and then to Veterans, Seniors, and others. But eventually, this new way to heal the human body will be available to everyone.

Supposedly, almost all hospitals procedures will become obsolete. Every city will have many medical beds and Tesla Chambers capable of healing and repairing DNA along with curing all ailments such as:

-Age regression (up to 30 years)

-No more cancer

-No more autism

-No more fibromyalgia

-No need for vaccines

-No more joint pain

-No more deficiencies

Our doctors will be known as Medical Experts. MD's will be ruined once the truth comes out about the health scam perpetrated on the human people.

Here are some quick facts about the new vibrational medicine. There are 5 types of medical beds that perform different functions:

-Hologram Medical Pods: These can be portable and the smaller version of a lab on wheels. You put injured people into pods and it puts them asleep so that they can stop degeneration and the weakening of life force. (No sleep is a danger to our well-being). It is designed for basic repair, skin, treatment, organ regeneration and minor types of issues.

-Regeneration Beds: These beds work with Medical Experts to isolate your specific DNA, stem cells, and cells to restore the body back to its best version of you. The patient will lie down on the bed and the computer system taps into your consciousness and body to determine the best course of action for rejuvenation and health. It can perform healthy treatments that are non-invasive, painless, and can achieve quick results. The computer arms can perform exact surgeries using lasers to open and seal the wound area. All missing organs and body parts will be rebuilt utilizing your very own gene sequence and bodily functions. Eyes, legs, arms, kidneys, and so on, will all be generated since the body holds and retains muscle memory of all parts within your human self. The lasers used will be a 4d metric unit and plasma energy for rebuilding or replacing.

-Rejuvenation Bed: This bed uses your gene codes to rejuvenate your body and anti-age you. You can do age regression using the bio-metric gel and suppressing unwanted memories. It can mind wipe those areas of your life that were bad or things that are causing you to have the dis-ease.

-Anti-Pathogen Bed: This bed will remove heavy metals, chips, parasites, and other invaders causing you to experience ill health.

-Spiritual Bed: This is the spiritual bed that will reunite those with their higher self by fixing and repairing the silver cord. The back of the brain where the heart muscle is held, that connects you to your higher self, can and will rebuild your spiritual connection to the larger version of your consciousness.

Why First Time Gardeners Give Up - Over 40% Quit After the First Year

Whether you are growing foods in the ground in gardens, in raised bed gardens, farming using

permaculture or aquaponics, or growing foods in pots and containers in or outside of your home, or using some other method of growing foods, only you can decide which is best for you.

Because we were warned not to grow foods in Austin, TX in the ground, because of the thin soil, we knew that raised beds or growing foods in pots and containers would be our favorite way to grow foods.

What is quite alarming is that over 40% of people choose not to garden again after the first year. Why is that?


This is probably because:

-No Harvest: In many cases, it's probably because their crops did not yield any harvest so they gave up. They probably did not conduct enough research in the first place. Gardening is just like starting a business, you need a mentor (coach or consultant), where you can ask questions so you can avoid some of the critical mistakes.  

-Did Not Have Enough Space: Many backyards have too many trees, which provide shade, but if you grow foods in the ground or in raised bed gardens, you need 6 to 8 hours of sunlight, especially for summer crops. So everyone needs to be strategic and then choose to grow foods at community gardens ($20 a month), or in pots or containers in or outside of your home (on your patio, balcony, rooftop, porch, in your kitchen or another room with grow lights).

The goal is not to let the space issue deter your dream of growing your own foods. If you don't have a homeowner's association, you can actually grow foods in front and backyards.

Remember the story I told you about the lady that had over 100 pots and containers because she was renting. She could not plant anything in the ground so she had over 100 pots and containers growing foods. What a great motivator!


-Had To Travel: Many people might be 'first-time' gardeners, but might love to travel or have to leave for emergency trips and might not have others to help care for their gardens. This is why it's important to have your own drip or irrigation system.

And this is something you need to plan for from the very beginning of deciding to become a gardener. With an irrigation system, a family member, friend or neighbor or someone that you can pay -- can help check on your garden while you are away.

-Too Much Work: Many new gardeners found gardening to be hard work. I am sure many people got involved and had no idea how much work it would be, especially when they had to monitor and water the garden on a daily basis. 

-Too Sick/Waited Too Late: For many, it was too late to try to use gardening to improve their health, so they had to stop because of their health. This is very unfortunate so, therefore, get started today. Don't let this be your story! 

Don't let any of these reasons keep you from becoming a gardener or even starting your own farm. I can't see myself giving up, not this early in the game, especially now that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I do have a "green thumb."


Green thumb gardeners are not always born with green thumbs. They develop these by attending gardening classes in person or online, joining or forming gardening clubs, watching gardening shows on youtube, and conducting research on and

How Will You Stay Motivated To Keep Growing Foods?

The below steps is what I did to stay motivated and become a successful gardener during my one-year gardening journey (2017/2018) in Austin, TX.

-Got Family Involved: If you truly want to get motivated and stay motivated while growing foods, get others around you involved. You can do this with family members, friends and neighbors.

-Got A Mentor: I did not only attend regular, local FREE natural gardening center meetings and classes, the instructors there, both a man and woman, served as my mentor. Or you can hire business and gardening consultants and coaches to work with you. Some will even come to your home.

-Started My Own Garden Club: I started my own garden club "Cathy Harris Garden Club"( and laid out every step aspiring gardeners could take by writing articles and selecting quality videos.

-Released Two Gardening Books: I launched an entire food growing campaign around the release of two gardening books entitled "Green Thumb at 60: How I Started My Gardening Journey with Raised Beds and Pots and Containers" and "Overcoming Food Deserts in Your Community: How To Start a Home, School or Community Garden, Food Co-op and Food Coalition": - available as e-books and paperback books at

-Created A National Gardening Movement With Two Initiatives: I created a new national food movement with two initiatives around growing my own foods at "Virtual Organic Garden Clubs" and "Brothers Building Gardens."

-Launched A National Tour: As a Speaker, Author, and Coach, I launched a national speaking tour "The Cathy Harris Tour," around the release of my 2 gardening books and 2 food growing initiatives and food campaigns and went to 8 cities.

-Launched National Weekly Masterminds: I started my own monthly online Masterminds, Think Tanks and Classroom meetings and training platforms around growing foods at the website on the 2nd Tuesdays of each month from 7:00-8:00 p.m. (CST).

What We Did Right

-Got A Plant Diagnosis: Don't be afraid to get a diagnosis on your plants. We go to the doctor for a check-up and we take our animals to animal doctors for check-ups. So, therefore, I took a leaf from the lemon and tangerine tree to the natural gardening center for a diagnosis and she said it was being 'over-watered'.

The lemon tree is doing well now. After my mate was going behind my back watering it, I just gave it to him to look after. It's been in the house most of the time and is growing quite well in a window with direct sunlight. Eventually, though, it will need to be moved outside and repotted to a bigger pot and/or even planted in the ground.


-Used Good Soil: We chose to use the

Thunder Dirt for our 3 raised beds from GEO Growers in Austin, which contained many essential nutrients, and gave the foods a fighting chance, especially since we chose to start the garden in one of the hottest months of the year -- June 2017.

-Set Up A Water Drip or Irrigation System: The best step that we took was rigging a drip system using a sprinkler system (Orbit Hose Faucet Timer from when we went out of town for a week.

Our best friend came over and checked on the system while we were away. So, therefore, don't be a slave to your garden. Try to install a drip system as soon as you apply the soil.

The good thing is, no matter how many foods you plant in the future, you will still be able to plan trips out of town and enjoy yourselves as you age gracefully.

Calling All 'Baby Boomers' and the 'Silent Generation' -- aka 'The Last of the Mohicans'

We call Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation the tough generations because many fought against all types of discrimination -- especially in the workplace.

Most of the women were in the 'feminist' and Glass-Ceiling' generation, where we fought for equal rights for all women.

Now in 2020 during the #GreatAwakening, we are finally finding out the truth and learning that HISTORY IS A LIE!!!

Now we are finding out how Hollywood, who owns the media and academia, had such a deep and sinister hold on people.

We found out that all the women from the 'feminist movement' (including Gloria Steinem and even Susan B. Anthony), were actually men (#Transgenders).

Don't get me wrong -- not all transgenders are evil, but there is a group of Satanic Elite Transgenders -- who is actually ruling the world through Hollywood, which again owns all the media and academia.

Transgenders who had sold out to Hollywood in order to gain even more 'fame' and 'fortune' -- have always had a 'natural hate' (or dislike) for 'natural-born' women, so they did what Hollywood expected of them.

They pushed 'natural-born' women out on the forefront in the feminist movement so we could suffer the consequences of any backlash, while they stepped back and lived out their lives and were recognized by Hollywood as Sheroes and Heros.

Meanwhile, 'natural-born' women and their families were torn apart by the system.

Their goals were to create laws, rules, and regulations to remove the men from homes and even send them to prison -- while getting 'natural-born' women dependent on government checks ...and it worked!!!

Not only did many women and men start depending on government checks, many especially Veterans, ended up homeless on the streets -- and many, many others perished from this earth -- forever.

These were men (#Transgenders), who did this to vulnerable women and their families, especially single mothers and they should be held accountable for our suffering.

Our families especially children were indoctrinated (influenced negatively) in schools/academia, especially with TOXIC music and by the TV, especially commercials.

Don't forget the TV was created by the CIA and is often used for 'mind control. The TV can be very addictive and a major distraction for families.

Many families will lose all hope and their dreams of living great lives -- simply because they watch too much television and they are being indoctrinated with #MediaLies and #FakeNews.

Now it's time for the #Unprogramming of families. It's time to UNLEARN and RELEARN.

Now that we know the truth --- now that we know how everything got really, really bad -- what are we going to do about it?

In order to get back on track so that we can build a beautiful world to live in (#GoldenEra), it is time to sit down with family members especially any from the #BabyBoomer and #SilentGenerations, and pick their brains before they leave this earth plane.

It's time to look your loved ones in the eyes and seriously discuss ways and solutions to bring better health into your household. These discussions can't wait! Do it now!!!

You can't be wealthy if you are not healthy. If you are not putting your health first -- then everything else in your life, especially all your options and choices in your life -- will go out the window.

Your opportunities to live a wonderful and beautiful life become less and less -- if you ignore your health.

You see it was the Baby Boomer generation that dropped the ball and stopped passing on natural health and healing remedies to their children and grandchildren.

But you see why now -- right -- because we were being targeted with an 'evil agenda' and we were in the fight our lives. However, now it is up to us to pick up the ball and save our families and communities.

Remember your health starts in your gut and I can remember when my father lined all of us up monthly and gave us regular teaspoonfuls of black draught laxatives and castor oil.

There were many other natural remedies used by our parents. But because of all the negative distractions put out there by Hollywood (who owns the media and academia), we never shared this information with our families.

We have to get back to sharing information and knowledge -- especially with the people we love.

Calling All Health and Holistic Trainers

What is going to be your story? We need all Health and Holistic Trainers, Teachers, Educators, especially to get in their communities and start trainers others.

I was quite fortunate. Not only did I grow up on a farm and grew foods successfully in Austin, TX in 2017/2018 for an entire year, I am a #BabyBoomer that learned early on some of the Natural and Holistic remedies from my parents, and I am also a GMO Educator.

Recognize your talents and what you have to offer. I was trained with Jeffrey Smith from the state of Iowa, who is one of the foremost trainers on GMOs.

I learned through his website at "The Institute for Responsible Technology" I took a 4-part webinar and became one of the speakers there. At the end of the 4-part sessions, you will be receive several slides where you too can teach others about GMOs -- with your own presentations.

Be Mobile and Ready to Move to Train Others...

Just remember if you are mobile, you might have more opportunities to teach others. I tried to teach for years in Atlanta but Atlantans only embraced Speakers and Trainers who traveled in from other areas.

So, therefore, remember a lot of your own communities won't recognize your skills and talents and/or they won't embrace you or your knowledge, so therefore, it might be imperative that you take your skills to other areas and locations.

Have Your Own Line of Products...

The goal is to make money as a business owner. As part of your arsenal of material to educate others with, make sure you have your OWN LINE OF PRODUCTS (paperback books, ebooks, audiobooks, Special Reports, MP3s, Consultation and Coaching Packets/Sessions, etc.) and products by other trainers and educators that you can sell and split the cost of and especially have movies and documentaries for #MovieNights.

Steps for all Holistic and Natural Healers, GMO Speakers, Trainers, and Educators:

-Hold Movie Nights in Homes and Communities:

Remember all families can start watching these movies on their own and share with other family members, their friends and neighbors or Speakers and Trainers can use these on their educational platforms to educate the masses.

You can watch many of these movies for free on youtube, or order the videos online or the DVDs.

Make sure you include these movies:

-Food Inc. Movie (This movie will show how all the foods in grocery stores especially 'processed foods' were poisoned).

-Genetic Roulette: The Gamble of Our Lives by Jeffrey Smith (This movie showed many stories on how the autism rates increased in this country).

-Consumed (This is another movie about GMOs and shows how regular people are intimidated by Monsanto/Bayer).

-Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (This movie discussed the high autism rates in this country).

-Supersized (A movie is about how one guy almost died in 30 days from only eating processed foods).

-Stop Buying Homes With Home Owner's Associations -- HOAs): As you teach families how to grow foods make sure they know about the rules of HOA's. Not only can HOA's fees run you from $200 to $300 a month, but most of these HOA's won't allow you to grow foods in your front yards. Some might not even allow you to grow foods in your backyards either, so when buying a home, it's important to grow foods in your front and backyard, on your rooftop, balcony, patio, porch, kitchen, or another room by using grow lights.

-Lease or Rent Out Land to Others: Many men don't like to mow big yards so they will buy houses with smaller yards. Instead, they should buy houses with large yards and acres of land and lease it out to others so they can grow food. This way they are guaranteed to always have a fresh, supply of organic foods.

-Put Your Land To Use: Make your land work for you. Just don't have it sitting there doing nothing. Many women especially who are landowners might work other jobs and might not have time to work their land. Therefore, the land sits for years. Instead these women and other landowners should hire managers and let them hire 2 or 3 others to work the land on a full-time or part-time basis. This way you can set up food-ops, farmer's markets, or just sell what you grow on the side of the road.

-Become a Local Grower or Set Up Food Co-ops: You can become a local grower and teach others how to grow their own foods. You can also set up your own Food-Co-op for your community. Joining food co-ops means that you can purchase foods at a discount.

-Start Growing Foods with Family, Neighbors, etc.: You can set up gardens, greenhouses, and other areas to grow foods right in your own communities and start selling foods again under shade trees or on the side of the road. We did this when I came up and it worked. Families had access to good clean, organic foods. Just be mindful today when you see people selling foods on the side of the road, many purchased these foods from grocery stores and some of the foods even have the stickers on them that start with a 4 or 8, which means the foods were grown with GMOs. So be careful!

-Set Up Your Own 'Community Gardens': You can set up community gardens on your own land or lease space on other land to do this. Many people will pay $20 a month to have a plot to grow foods.

-Set Up Initiatives in Your Community: is an initiative I came up with to help offer gardening opportunities to men, women, and children. These are great opportunities for pre-teens and teenagers to work in their own communities especially in the summertime when they are seeking job opportunities. They can help build gardens or they could monitor these gardens weekly or give weekly gardening classes in homes or right out in gardens or other locations in communities.

-Move into Communal Homes: Encourage single mothers and others to move into Communal Homes where they can share the price of growing foods together. They can take it one step further and lease or rent out space to others to hold health and gardening training events.

-Rent Out Space: You can rent out buildings and space in your own area and even other areas (possibly other cities) and meet with clients and customers. You can rent out spaces in Senior Citizen's Centers, Business Incubators, Business Co-ops, or even think about expanding to Beauty and Barber Shops. Think outside of the box if you truly want to be successful.

-Set Up Mobile Learning Clubs: You can train others through your own like I do as I travel around the country in my van. You can also travel together in caravans or convoys with other health and business trainers and educators in vans or on buses and even split the cost and sell each other's products.

-Ride Mega Buses: You can get your own line of physical and online products and travel several days a month on a 'low-cost' rail system or Mega Bus and go 2 to 3 states over. Establish an area where you will be teaching.

-Bus Others In for Training: You can travel or hold local conferences and symposiums and have others bused into your area for health training. They can stay in hotels, at people's homes, or even out on dispersed camping land (National Forest or Land) for FREE. The max for FREE camping in cars, vans, RVs (and tents) is14 days.

-Train Other Trainers: If you are a 'seasoned' Speaker, Author, Health, or Business Coach, make sure you set up your own train-the-trainer programs -- where you can teach others. Many seasoned trainers especially Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation might not be in the position to be mobile, so they need to see if they can set up training by Phone, Email, Skype, Zoom.US, or We need other younger trainers working with these seasoned trainers to be mentored and help them set up training.

The 'sky is the limit' on how you can set up your training. But you must be willing to start this process and establish your ownself as a credible and reliable Health and Natural and Holistic Healer and Trainer as we all transition into this New Earth.

Transitioning Over to #GoldenEra

I hope most of you can now see how things got so bad especially in this country and what we truly need to do to create a beautiful life for ourselves.

Understand up-front this is why we are now transitioning over into another world, universe, dimension (#GoldenEra).

Just remember this is 'uncharted territory' and none of us have ever been around to do this -- so sit back and enjoy this experience.

Former President JFK, Sr. tried to put all of this into place and compensate us during 911 (September 11), but instead they, the Satanic Elites, blew up the twin towers, but not before they stole all the gold from the bottom floors.

Now that gold and the 15 miles of gold seized from under the Vatican and other areas will be going directly back to the people.

Don't be confused! The #2020GreatAwakening from day one has been about the following:

1) About taking the funds and other technology, med beds, including over 6,000 patents, back from the Satanic Elites (1%) and giving it back to the people.

2) It has also been about rescuing the children (#SaveTheChildren).

All of this was carried out by making massive arrests of many Satanic Elites, especially Celebrities in Hollywood, who committed 'Crimes Against Humanity' especially Sex and Human Trafficking, Pedophilia, etc. Their reign is over. It is now a #NewEarth.

Remember we are moving from Maritime Law to Constitutional Law so everything is about to change. The corporation of the 'United States of America' no longer exist. We are now living in a New Republic.

As a former whistleblower, (, I clearly realize that it is time to push the Whistleblower movement out front.

If the entire world is being revamped right now, then we need whistleblowers in EVERY INDUSTRY to come forward.

We are weeks away from moving into the "Golden Age," which will be about humanity. All you have to do now is to BELIEVE and know that you can live a beautiful life. Good luck!

Make sure you go back and

read all my articles and

watch all my videos at

We all will need to sit in virtual ( or physical classrooms and learn how to take better care of ourselves and others as we transition over into this New World, #GoldenEra, #Nesara (for the U.S.) and #Gesara (Globally).


Cathy Harris is an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Holistic and Natural Healer, and GMO Educator. She is available for Virtual and Community Seminars and Workshops at and you can buy her 8 health books and 20 other non-fiction books through her company, Join Cathy for regular monthly zoom meetings at


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