A New Era for Erica
Erica was admitted to the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC) approximately 9 years ago. Erica came to JRC with extremely challenging behaviors, such as banging her head excessively, often requiring the use of a helmet to keep her safe. She would also become severely aggressive requiring the use of numerous physical restraints.
Prior to coming to JRC Erica was heavily medicated and her parents indicated that her progress was below minimal. Erica had many psychiatric hospitalizations and was rejected from numerous instate programs as a result of her aggressive and self injurious behaviors. 
Erica's family searched for over a year seeking a program that would accept her and be able to effectively deal with her dangerous behaviors.  
Finally, Erica's parents found JRC!
Even with an elaborate positive-only program Erica still exhibited a high frequency of problematic behaviors. Once supplemental aversives were introduced into Erica's program she made dramatic progress. All of her problematic behavior categories showed a steady decline and her positive behaviors soared allowing her to take part in activities never thought possible!
Due to the dramatic improvement in Erica's dangerous behaviors she has been able to move to a less-restrictive residence and attend outings with her peers in the community on the weekends.
Erica's surroundings which were once devoid of anything she could use to hurt herself have been replaced with decorative furnishings for her enjoyment.
Erica as Princess Jasmine performing "It's a Whole New World" at our annual Talent Show.
Erica is able to attend school dances and events with her classmates.
Erica at Prom, May 2019!
Dressed up for Halloween and the Masquerade Ball!
Erica enjoys visits with her family! They went to the St. Patrick's Day parade in Boston this past spring.
They took Erica kayaking in the summer and they all had a great time!
Erica's parents are overjoyed with the change in their daughter's behavior. Erica now enjoys quality time with her family for the first time in many years.
They are thrilled at how quickly their daughter was able to make such significant and amazing progress due to her current treatment program. Erica has not required any emergency restraint nor has she required the use of her protective helmet in over a year!
We wish Erica continued success!
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