This year we are continuing to employ people who lost their jobs over the past year due to the pandemic by supporting infrastructure projects through our Jobs Stimulus Program. After improving the walking path from Santa Cruz to Jaibalito last year, we are now working on the path between Jaibalito and Tzununá. 
Guatemala’s economy is still struggling to recover after last year's lockdown. Amigos recently sponsored our 2nd Santa Cruz Jobs Survey, to gain a better understanding of the current economic situation and how to best direct support where needed. While some opening has taken place, tourism remains incredibly low as we reach the end of what would have otherwise been our yearly high season. Many businesses are still not hiring, and many of the ones that are have had to lower the salaries that they can offer. Projects like this allow us to support local families during this difficult time by providing a living wage in a socially distanced job. Additionally, locals and tourists alike benefit from the new paths that make it easier and safer to move between towns.