A New Kind of PPE…
By Sue Kost, MD
At least it’s new to me. Here is a product that may be worth stocking if your sedation service takes care of aggressive patients with the potential to cause injury to staff, especially those with a history of biting or scratching: Kevlar sleeves!

Initially produced for industry, these sleeves are lightweight and easy to use, and they protect the exposed hands and arms of the healthcare worker who is, for example, attempting to administer a ketamine injection or hold a mask on a frightened, autistic adolescent.

According to OSHA ( https://www.osha.gov/dsg/hospitals/documents/1.2_Factbook_508.pdf ), one third of all healthcare worker “days away from work” injuries result from interactions with patients, and 3% of work-related injuries come from cuts and punctures. Don’t become a statistic—put your sleeves on ahead of time.
Reminder! Center of Excellence in Pediatric Sedation applications are due December 15.

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