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*  May 21: Strength in 
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*  June 18: Solstice   

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Kim Pentecost

Kim Pentecost is gifted with the skill to empower you to stay authentic on your unique Spiritual path in business and in your personal life. She is an internationally known speaker, intuitive coach, and teacher. Her compassionate wisdom speaks right to the heart of complex issues. With this insight, she weaves healing, restructuring and direction of growth with gentle humor. Through WisdomDance, she offers workshops, retreats, business consulting and personal intuitive sessions.

I am writing a series of monthly pieces for 
Sibyl Magazine on the Benefits of Spiritual Subtleties . April's  article is on Comfort. 
It is an online magazine filled with inspiring stories of amazing women's personal journeys and healing.

In-Body Meditations
Foundational Meditations for Every Day Life - supporting you in being confident, connected, clear & creative.

Meditation CD

These guided meditations can help you be more grounded, more creative, more abundant and feel safer in the world. They are based on Kim's Intuitive Development Class which she has been teaching for over 25 years. These meditative tools are simple, effective, powerful and easily integrated into your daily routine. $19 including shipping (Visa & MC)

"It's just like having Kim in class -- supporting you through your meditation and healing."

~ CB, Greeley CO

A New Look

You may have noticed a little change here. There are even more changes in the web site. I hope you take a look. It's spring moving into the summer. There is newness and growth all around. I thought I would join the party. The real reason for this beautiful transformation is that I want to be able to update my site and send out information to you more easily and in a timely fashion. These changes will allow me to do that.
The updates will also give you more! Soon, you will be able to purchase classes, CD's, meditations, gifts and other tasty tidbits directly from the web site. We will also be posting videos of talks and new materials along with new resources for you. My wish is always to offer you the best and most comprehensive information and tools. There is a direct contact page so you can sign up for a class, give me your opinion, share a joke, ask a question or just say hello.
I hope you enjoy your journey through the new WisdomDance web site. Thank you to Juliette Lauber, Stephanie Farris and Monteve Miller for their expertise, love and patience in creating and supporting the birthing of this new site. Please check out their services on my resource page. 

Wishing you a beautiful, active and happy life.


Saturday Discussion & Mediation

*    Topic : Strength in Commitment
*    When: 21 May 2016
*    Times: 8-9:30a PT, 9-10:30a MT, 10-11:30a CT & 
                    11-12:30 ET
*    Price: $49, $27 for recording only
*    Where : Teleconference
*    To Register: email
How strong and clear is you commitment to yourself, your creativity and your healing? Often we want something. We talk about it. We dream about it, but we don't really think we can have it or it would be too much trouble so we don't give it the love and commitment it needs to come into form.
This is an opportunity to give an hour and a half to clearing what is impeding your ability to hold your commitment and then to strengthen your vision and focus to manifest your heart's true desires.
This is a powerful workshop. Are you ready?


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Fundraiser for My Street Cats
Donna Ciaciarella, a wonderful artist and caregiver to 5 colonies of feral kitties in Charleston SC needs to raise funds to keep feeding and caring for these cats. She has put several of her paintings on sale. 100% of the profits go directly to cat care. Please take a look at her paintings for purchase on You can also make a donation there to help keep this important service running.
My girl cat, Lalita, came from her rescue and she has helped me when I took in Sam, a cat that had been dumped in my neighborhood. Thank you for your help with this worthy cause.  

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