June 2017
The NYSSEA Website has a New Look!
Over the past few years, the NYSSEA website has encountered some hacking issues and, like every good website, it was time for an updated look, so the NYSSEA Board decided to take advantage of an offer from NAEA Partner - GetNetSet. Many NAEA Affiliates have taken advantage of this offer and their service and security is excellent. Within a few short weeks, we were able to port over all of our content and we think you will like the cleaner look.

One new feature of the redesigned site is the inclusion of a complete NYSSEA Calendar that will show state and chapter meetings, along with some major NAEA events.

Another new feature is the inclusion of the NYSSEA SPONSORS, prominently shown at the bottom of the homepage.  Most of the sponsor logos are linked to important information for our members.  You will hear more about our SPONSORS through various e-blasts, chapter meetings or at our upcoming 30th Anniversary Conference in October.

Take a look!
Thinking About a Website for your Practice?
Many NAEA Members have taken advantage of a web design services of GetNetSet.  They make the design and management of your site easy. Click here to inquire or to get started .

Be sure to let them know you are an NAEA Member.
Facebook Group
Many MEMBERS have joined, have YOU?

A Facebook Group is similar to a discussion forum.  It allows specific groups of people to share ideas, photos, links and updates.

Groups are a great way for members to connect around a shared interest.

The NYSSEA Facebook Group is a closed group - meaning that you either have to ask to join or be added or invited by a member of the group.

To become a member of the NYSSEA Facebook Group, go to the group page and click "Join Group" button located near the top of the page.  Since the NYSSEA Facebook Group is closed, you will have to be approved by the Group Administrator.  This will usually take less than 12 hours.

The NYSSEA Facebook Group is open to active NYSSEA Members and invited NAEA members ONLY.   All items posted will ONLY be seen by members of the group.

Click on the icon above to JOIN now.  Or, click here to join.
Facebook Page
Please LIKE us!

A Facebook Page is for branding the society. Think of it as a billboard.  Similar to profiles, Page owners can post stories, add a cover photo, host events and more. Those who have "liked" a Page will see the Page's updates in their News Feeds .

You will sometimes notice that items are posted both on the NYSSEA Facebook Page and in the NYSSEA Facebook Group.  Usually this will be for items that we want the general EA and tax professional population to view if they have not joined our Group, for example, the announcements about our Annual Conference.

Click on the icon above to "Like" us on Facebook, or click here.
Social Media Code of Conduct
Please review the NYSSEA Social Media Code of Conduct and JOIN us and LIKE us on Facebook. The NYSSEA Social Media Code of Conduct is posted in the Files section of the NYSSEA Facebook Group, or you can read it by clicking here.
Hope you will JOIN us and LIKE us!
If you encounter any problems, please contact us at this email address:  info@nyssea.org
Coming Soon -
Online Registration for the NYSSEA 30 Anniversary Celebration Conference -
October 21 - 23, 2017