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Calendar of Events

Feb 13 - Girls & Boys 8th Grade Basketball and Wrestling Begins

Feb 15 - PTG Meeting @ 12:00 pm

XXXXX- Orchestra Feeder Concert @ 7:00 p.m.


Feb 21 - NOSCHOOL - Learning Improvement

Feb 22 - 5th & 6th Grade Parent Night (STUDENT last name - "A-M" @ 6:30 pm

Feb 23 - 5th & 6th Grade Parent Night (STUDENT last name - "N-Z" @ 6:30 pm

Mar 2 - Boys-8th Grade Basketball @ Chase 4:30 pm

.............Girls-8th Grade Basketball @ Sac vs Chase 4:30 pm

Mar 6 - Wrestling Meet @ Sac vs Chase - 4:30 pm (start @ 78lbs)

Mar 7 - Boys-8th Grade Basketball @ Salk 4:30 pm

.............Girls-8th Grade Basketball @ Sac vs Salk 4:30 pm

Mar 8 - Wrestling Meet @ Salk vs Yasuhara - 4:30 pm (start @ 93lbs)

Mar 9 - Boys-8th Grade Basketball Game @ Sac vs Glover 4:30 pm

.............Girls-8th Grade Basketball Game @ Glover 4:30 pm

Mar 13 - Wrestling Meet @ Sac vs Glover - 4:30 pm (start @ 108lbs)

Mar 14 - Boys-8th Grade Basketball Game @ Sac vs Shaw 4:30 pm

.....x........Girls-8th Grade Basketball Game @ Shaw 4:30 pm

Mar 15 - PTG Meeting @ 12:00 pm

Maxr 8 - Wrestling Meet @ Chase vs Salk - 4:30 pm (start @ 126lbs)

xxxxxxxChoir Concert @ 7:00 pm

Mar 16 - Boys-8th Grade Basketball Game @Sac vs. Salk - 4:30 pm

..............Girls-8th Grade Basketball Game @ Salk - 4:30 pm

Mar 20 - Wrestling Meet @ Garry vs Shaw - 4:30 pm (Start @150 lbs)

..............Instrumental 8th Grade Music Concert @ 7pm

Mar 21 - Boys-8th Grade Basketball Game @Sac vs. Garry - 4:30 pm

..............Girls-8th Grade Basketball Game @ Garry - 4:30 pm

Mar 22 - Wrestling Meet @ Glover vs Flett - 4:30 pm (Start @189 lbs)

..............Instrumental 7th Grade Music Concert @ 7pm

Mar 23 - Boys-8th Grade Basketball Game @ Glover - 4:30 pm

..............Girls-8th Grade Basketball Game @ Sac vs Salk - 4:30 pm

Mar 25 -SPOK-A-LOO tournament - 9:00 am @ Salk Middle School

Mar 27 - Boys-8th Grade Basketball Game @ Shaw - 4:30 pm

..............Girls-8th Grade Basketball Game @ Sac vs Chase - 4:30 pm

Mar 29 - Boys-8th Grade Basketball Game @ Sac vs Chase -4:30 pm

..............Girls-8th Grade Basketball Game @ Chase - 4:30 pm


Apr 10 - Baseball and Track & Field Begin

Apr 19 - PTG Meeting

Message from the Principal

Dear Thunderbirds,

On behalf of our entire Sacajawea community I want to welcome all our 5th and 6th grade families. Starting this month you will begin receiving information about all the wonderful opportunities our school has to offer. We love this time of year and can't wait to begin meeting all our new families as we partner with you to ensure a successful middle school experience.

Last week was Counselor Appreciation Week and a good time to talk about the important work they do to help students. A middle school counselor job is one that can't be described simply....the myriad of things they run into in a day has to be seen to be believed. They help lead registration, talk to students about personal issues, find supplies kids need, wash clothes, provide snacks, support parents and teachers, help supervise, set up behavior plans, walk reluctant learners to class.....the list is endless. Our counselors at Sacajawea are world class. They are a key reason why this place so special. Happy Counselor Appreciation week Mrs. Thomas and Mr. Smith. We love you.

During the last week our admin/counseling team visited Science classes and re-taught expectations to students. This is part of our PBIS ( Positive Behavior, Interventions Support program). It was wonderful to visit in a smaller setting and explain why we do what we do here. Our focus on structures and routines has been proven over and over to help students keep the focus on what is important - an exemplary educational experience. It is overwhelming to partner and feel the support of our community members who are supporting the Sacajawea Positive Behavior Support program. Every month our school has a theme or trait of positive behavior.  The trait for December was Care, January focused on Integrity, and the theme for February is Selflessness. Many community members and local business owners are supporting Sacajawea’s work and mission by donating to our Parent Teacher Group (PTG). This $75.00 donation is used to purchase small “thank you” gifts for students who are exhibiting the monthly trait. This program is one of many that helps our learning and academic culture to stay positive and supportive.

Spring (too optimistic ??) brings us a renewed strength and commitment to our mission of excellence for all.


Tracey Leyde


5th and 6th Grade Parent Nights

February 22nd for Last Names A-M OR February 23rd for Last Names N-Z 

@6:30 pm*

*6pm session for parents of students with Individualized Education plans


Please join us at our Future Thunderbird Parent Orientation on EITHER  Wednesday Feb. 22, 2023 at 6:30 pm OR Thursday, Feb. 23, 2023 at 6:30pm to learn about our classes, programs and extra-curricular offerings. Note: This is a parent only event. We will have a brief “pre-session” at 6pm both nights for parents of students with IEPs. The information presented will be identical for BOTH evenings, so you can attend either night. Due to space/parking considerations, we are requesting parents of students last name A-M attend on 2/22 and parents of students with last name N-Z attend on 2/23. 

Thunderbirds Create Homework Plans to Kick-off a New Semester

To help our Sacajawea Thunderbirds start off the new grading term that began February 6th, every Home Base spent some time the first week of the Semester creating homework plans. Each core content class has one or more weekly assignments - that allow students to practice and strengthen skills learned in class.  Students are encouraged to use SAT time which is 23 minutes on Thursday and Friday and often teachers provide time in class when finished with the days assignment to work on the weekly assignments. The chart below shows the breakdown of weekly assignments and the approximate time needed to complete them. This is one of the ways - through our structures and routines that Sacajawea students learn critical time management and organizational skills.

Ask your child to show you the plan they created. The Homework Plan can be found in the student planner.

2023-24 Registration Season Is Hereus..

Rising 9th Graders (current 8th graders) - High schools have been in contact through our Social Studies classes and students have been learning about elective options at both LC and Ferris in Home Base the last several weeks. On Thursday, February 9th both Ferris and LC visited Sacajawea in every 8th grade Social Studies class to register their students. Each high school’s website has a registration button with a variety of key information about next year, including some of the district’s option programs like The Community School and Spokane Virtual.


Rising 8th Graders (current 7th graders) - will register for their 8th grade classes during Social Studies class on February 16th. Please contact Mr. Smith, our current 7th grade counselor, if you have any questions.


Rising 6th and 7th Graders (current 5th and 6th graders) - Parent Orientations will be on both February 22nd and February 23rd at 6:30 pm at Sacajawea. The information presented each night will be identical, so parents can come either night, but due to limited parking and space concerns with two grade levels of families we ask that last name A-M attend on the 22nd and last name N-Z attend the 23rd. These are parent only events. Counselors will visit feeder elementary schools the week after to answer questions and meet students. Below is when we will be visiting each school.


  • Feb 27 @ 10:00 - Grant, Completed registration forms picked up by Sac counselors on Feb 28
  • Feb 28 @ 9:15 and 1:45 - Hutton, Completed registration forms picked up by Sac counselors on Mar 1
  • Mar 1 @ 9:15 - Jefferson, Completed registration forms picked up by Sac counselors on Mar 2
  •  Mar 2 @ 8:45 - Wilson, Completed registration forms picked up by Sac counselors on Mar 3


Please contact either of our counselors, Mrs. Thomas or Mr. Smith if you have any questions.


Resources regarding classes can be found on our website Look under the 23-24 Registration button or click the Visit Our Registration Page link to find tons of information


With more and more information being communicated via email and phone calls, please be sure to contact the Sacajawea Office (509-354-5500)
and update your information!

Thank you!

Progress is moving along right on schedule for our Fall 2023 opening of the beautiful new Sacajawea. The Lydig team was able to install almost all of the glass before the extreme winter temperatures hit, which has allowed them to complete a lot of the finishing inside the building during the winter months. During construction our campus is quite crowded and a very busy place in the mornings and just after school ends. Please remember to drop off and pick up students along 33rd Avenue or another designated area nearby. Lamonte street is for busses only.  Thank you for your patience as we anxiously await our new and improved campus completion after this school year!


Helping Boys Thrive Summit

April 23, 2023, 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Summit Church, 1801 E. 29th Ave., Spokane, WA

In our own community, you may have felt a need to study and positively affect the developmental journey of our boys.  In every community, we are seeing more and more boys who need our help, and want us to engage with them in successful ways.

The Helping Boys Thrive Summit® is a one day event that brings together professionals, parents, educators, and community stakeholders who are raising, educating, and working with boys and young men. The summit is a positive, life-affirming, science-based, and practically focused professional development and networking event.

  • Early Bird Pricing through March 31, 2023: $45
  • Regular Pricing April 1-April 16 2023: $55
  • Lunch included in price of registration
  • Some scholarships available. Please inquire at
  • Register online at:

Camp Code for Girls is a free coding camp designed to spark girls’ interest in STEM fields. Camp is open to girls who are entering eighth, ninth, or tenth grade in the 2023-24 academic year—as this can be a pivotal age when girls make educational decisions that will lead them either toward or away from STEM fields. Click on the link below for more information and to register.


Studies show that students involved in after school activities are happier, healthier and get better grades!!

Check out Sac's clubs and extra curricular opportunites here!

SAC February Penny Drive


What is Joya?

  • Joya is a non-profit that provides an exceptional early-intervention program for infants and toddlers impacted by developmental disabilities and delays. We serve families based on what their child needs, not on what they can afford to pay.
  • The need for Joya’s early intervention services has increased by 73% in Spokane County since 2014 and Joya continues to serve more children every year.
  • Developmental delays introduce expense, complication, and stress into the lives of new parents. Many families face mounting medical bills and gaps in insurance coverage. As families work to get back on their feet in the aftermath of layoffs and reduced hours tied to the COVID-19 crisis, we expect that more families will be unable to pay toward unfunded care.

Watch Sac's ASB video explaing the penny drive and our upcoming Spirit Week: Sac Video

More information about Joya can be found here: Joya Video

Link to Donate: Joya Foundation


Every cent that is donated to Joya today ensures infants and toddlers with special needs will continue to thrive tomorrow.

Order your yearbook now BEFORE they sell out!!


You can pay at the business office or on line (click here).




Please call anytime your student will not be attending class. It is important that you notify the office when your student will be

absent - don't just tell the teacher.


To avoid missing precious learning time, please do your best to schedule appointments outside of school hours. If this is not possible please call the day before or send in a note so we can plan ahead with a dismissal pass to avoid disrupting the classroom. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Digital Library Cards: The Spokane Public Library is introducing Digital Access Library Cards for all middle and high school students. These specialized library cards give students online access to most of the library's digital learning resources that are ideal for research. How to access: go to Click the ‘Clever’ button and log in like normal. Click the Spokane Public Library icon, where you’ll see your library card number and pin displayed at the top of the page.


Sac families- If your student is in second semester Fitness and Health and you have not done so, please purchase a PE uniform. Fitness and Health shirts are required, however purchasing shorts are optional. 

Please use the Momentum Ink link to purchase. These items usually take a few weeks to arrive so please order now for the second semester.  

Explore Europe This Summer!

June 27th-July 11 2023

March 9 is the cutoff to join Mrs. Pavey's traveling group on this summer trip to Europe! This educational, eleven-day, trip of a lifetime tour includes, London, Paris, Switzerland & Italy.

See Mrs. Pavey today, or email at Available to students and adults alike. This trip is not affiliated with SPS, but high school credits are available through explorica. For trip details type into your search bar and check it out! Next trip? 2025!



Congratulations to our

Sac Way/PBIS

drawing winners!



  • Leah Merritt won a prize of her choice from the Amazon Catalog, Sac Card given to her by Mr. Ulmen
  • Maddox Sheffer won a choice prize from some donated and Sac Swag options and chose a Sac Water Bottle and Sticker, Sac Card given by Mr. Bryant


  • Brayden McCoy won a prize of his choice from the Amazon Catalog, Sac Card given to him by Dr. Schraeder
  • Jazzmyn Rawley won a choice prize from donated/Sac Swag options and chose a tactical/outdoor backpack donated by Duane Swizer, Sac Card given by Mrs. Droter



  • Noemi Vallejo won a prize of her choice from the Amazon Catalog, Sac Card given to her by Mrs. Murrell
  • Quinn Henson won a choice prize from some donated and Sac Swag options and chose a Sac Beanie, Sac Card given by Mr. Rockett


  • Sammy Adams  won a prize of her choice from the Amazon Catalog, Sac Card given to her by Mrs. Droter
  • Terrance Bland won a choice prize from donated/Sac Swag options and chose a Sac Water Bottle and Sticker, Sac Card given by Mrs. Malone

Students can turn in Sac Cards that they earn from staff members for our monthly drawings in the student office, or save up tickets to “buy” other prizes in the Business Office. To find out more about how you or your business can support our Sac Way/PBIS program, please contact Laura Treece at 509-354-5444 or

We have some voracious readers at Sacajawea and want to celebrate the TOP TEN of the Millionaires Club. To join this elite club students must read at least 1 million words.


Our fabulous counseling team was celebrated this month during National School counseling week! Sacajawea is blessed to have two of the best counsleors in the district -Mr. Greg Smith and Mrs. Tiara Thomas! They support, care, mentor, guide, and counsel students, parents and staff all year long!

Thank you for looking out for our Sac family!

Congratulations: Share your good news with us! We love to feature the incredible things our students are doing inside and outside of school. If you have good news to share, please send it to Tracey Leyde ( to be included in the SacNYCU


Keep an eye out for information regarding our annual flower basket sale coming in early March (flower basket pick-up in early May). We will be sending out a few volunteering opportunities via email over the next couple months and starting to plan for Teacher Appreciation Week (first full week of May) activities as well.

We hope you will join us at our monthly meetings (the 3rd Wednesday of each month at noon, either in-person or via zoom) to learn more about the wonderful things happening at Sacajawea and to share your voice about how we can enrich the Sac experience even more. If you are not already on our communications list, please email your contact info to

Community Partners

About our Community Partner's Program..... We would appreciate you partnering with us in supporting the PBIS program at Sacajawea. There are 2 ways to participate and help the Sacajawea community.

  1. We ask that businesses pick one month of the school year to sponsor our PBIS program, with a suggested donation of $75.  When your business sponsors a month of PBIS, it will be recognized in Sacajawea “News You Can Use” email with a link to your businesses’ website. This email gives your business exposure to the families of the 800+ students enrolled at Sacajawea. We will also advertise your business for the entire month on our brand new Sacajawea Middle School electronic reader board, located on Grand Blvd. at 32nd Ave.
  2. Other businesses provide us with rewards and tangible goods for students and staff.

If you are a business owner and would like to partner with us by contributing to our Sacajawea family with donations of time or resources please email Laura Treece at

Spokane Public Schools complies with all federal and state rules and regulations and does not discriminate in the admission, treatment, employment, or access to its programs or activities on the basis of age, sex, marital status, race, color, creed, national origin, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability, sexual orientation including gender expression or gender identity, or honorably discharged veteran or military status. This holds true for all students who are interested in participating in educational programs and/or extracurricular school activities and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to the school district's Title IX/Staff Civil Rights Officer, ADA Officer, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying (HIB)/Student Civil Rights Officer and/or 504 Compliance Officer. Officers: *Title IX/Staff Civil Rights Officer, Jodi Harmon, (509) 354-7344 *Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying (HIB)/Student Civil Rights Officer, Jodi Harmon, (509) 354-7344 *504 Compliance Officer, Jodi Harmon, (509) 354-7344 * ADA Officer, Stephanie Busch, (509) 354-5993 * Affirmative Action Officer, Nancy Lopez-Williams, (509) 354-5651 * Equal Opportunity Officer, Nancy Lopez-Williams, (509) 354-5651 *200 N. Bernard Street, Spokane, WA 99201-0206 View EEO Information



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