Materials for this new series in the Faith Forward ADVANCED Path are now available! Turning Points is a six-session exploration of defining turning points and controversies throughout UU history. Participants delve into the complexities through primary texts, and learn about how they shaped Unitarian Universalism and how we relate to our faith today. Turning Points is a window into not only the historical moments that we celebrate, but also the moments when we struggled to define who we are as a movement. More details are available HERE .
Stay tuned for the next series on the Faith Forward Path - Deepening Spiritual Practice.

The Inquirers Series, the first step on the Faith Forward Path, has undergone some changes here in Dallas that we want to share with everyone. The biggest is that we have made it more participant-centered, drawing on the experiences of those present to begin each session.

Here are some examples:

  • History, Principles, and Sources: Participants are invited to write or draw their own religious and spiritual history before learning the history of Unitarian Universalism. Based on feedback from other Faith Forward congregations, we have simplified this session and incorporated a visual timeline.
  • Small Group Connections: We separated out this topic and created its own session, because we found that this is what many newcomers are seeking. They are looking for specific ways to make friends and get connected around common identities and interests. Participants write about ways they want to connect with others in the congregation, and have the option to hand it in to staff for follow-up.
  • Campus Tour: This session is now more oriented toward how participants will use the spaces and what they will experience there.
  • Small Group Ministry & Pastoral Care: Participants are led in a meditation and invited to share about a powerful experience of beauty, as an entry point into learning about small group ministry.

All of these shifts and changes help newcomers to see themselves within the congregation and to find their place.

We hope that those of you who are using the Inquirers Series currently will check out the new Facilitator Guide and incorporate these changes!

As Unitarian Universalism at-large is having a conversation about how white privilege and white supremacy have shaped the culture of our faith, and how we can transform this culture into one that decenters whiteness and works for the liberation of all, Faith Forward has been going through our own process as well, reviewing and revising the program to better reflect our hopes and commitments.

A local consultant, Kamilah Collins, conducted a comprehensive "equity, diversity, and inclusion" review of the Faith Forward program and all of its materials. She has provided us with an amazing array of questions, comments, and recommendations for how to decenter witness and make the Faith Forward program more inclusive. Now, a team of First Unitarian Church of Dallas ministers, staff, and lay leaders, as well as leaders from other Faith Forward congregations, have gathered to review Kamilah Collins' recommendations and take the next steps to update the program materials. We are excited about what's next, and the changes that will impact every series within the Faith Forward Path. More details and updated materials will be available later in 2019.
If you are interested in learning more about the program, check out for descriptions, a video, frequently asked questions, the newsletter archive, and testimonials from Faith Forward congregations. 
Connect with Faith Forward at General Assembly!
Rev. Beth Dana will be at General Assembly, and looks forward to connecting with leaders from current and prospective Faith Forward congregations. Opportunities to sign-up for individual and small-group conversations will be available on our GA page . See you in Spokane!