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We have a new service to help with the

financial difficulties that come

with cancer and other illness.


Your Place for Information

Deno's Database

The Librarians at Grosse Pointe Public Library have researched and created
a database of nationwide services that may assist you as you deal with the challenges that come with health issues.

From Cancer to Diabetes, Autism to Alzheimer's, we can search for help in many forms such as, assistance with transportation costs, support groups, household expenses, medical equipment and much more.

While we cannot offer medical advice, we can sit down with you and look for
organizations that may give you assistance in other areas.

In these times, demand is great and organizations are few, but our Librarians are
experts in researching groups that assist financially and otherwise with medical and health issues.

Please call us. We will research any area, at no cost.
313.343.2074 ext. 200

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