It's Time to Write a New Story for  
America's Forgotten Communities
A pattern has been repeating in so many forgotten communities across America. These are places where the local economic engines have ground almost to a halt, and where residents are yearning for new ways to work together toward the common good. The fragmentation of these communities mirrors the fragmentation of our greater society. Tottenville is one of those communities.

Two years ago, the Regenerating Tottenville project introduced you to this southernmost town of New York City. We shared the story of this once-thriving marine village through the eyes of its local historian and explored how a new, truly regenerative economy in Tottenville might emerge.  

Today, this unique activating storytelling experience has grown to include more stories of the people who love the town and who are eager to reimagine its future. New projects have begun to reignite the rich human collaborations and knowledge-sharing networks that once characterized Tottenville. These collaborative flows are essential for all communities to prosper over the long term.

We believe Tottenville can show the way to a more regenerative future for America's forgotten communities. Watch our new video and be part of Tottenville's regenerative journey.

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