January 24, 2020

We have some exciting announcements to share with you today! In this newsletter you will find...

  • A new tangle narfello
  • Registration information for CZT Seminar #37 (Online)
  • Zentangle Apprentice Project Pack No. A1 has begun!

A Narrow Fellow in the Grass...
Earlier this month we introduced a new tangle to our Certified Zentangle Teachers. At the time, the tangle did not yet have a name so we asked the CZT community to offer name suggestions along with the story behind the name.

We received hundreds of incredible suggestions, all of which would be a great name for this tangle. But one submission seemed to be just the right fit and it came with a delightful story behind the suggestion.

And so, we are thrilled to introduce to you narfello, named by Jane Rhea, CZT.
Jane writes...

Once upon a time, almost fifty years ago, there was a young fifth grade teacher endeavoring to impart important learning to her young charges. Her name was Miss Doyle, and there were over thirty students in her class – some with a keen sense of fun. 

Early one fall morning an arriving student (aka a prankster) presented her with a glass canning jar filled with grass and an occupant. The student certainly expected her to shriek, or perhaps drop the jar. All of the children pooled around her desk watched to see what their teacher would do---expecting a scream at the very least.

Much to their surprise, Miss Doyle calmly opened the jar, while some of the children backed away. Their teacher reached in and gently extracted the occupant, all the while extolling it's beautiful color, soft skin and pretty tongue. The occupant promptly urinated all over Miss Doyle's hand and desk blotter, whereupon she laughed aloud!

The occupant of the jar became the guest of honor for the day and the subject of most of the curriculum. Stories were written from the guest's point of view regaling wild adventures. Math problems were devised and solved featuring a number of their guest's kin. Poems were penned. Geography of habitat and the science of environment, diet and anatomy were researched. Artwork bloomed on paper depicting the honoree in a myriad of situations. Curiosity and imagination were stirred, and laughter and grins prevailed.

At the finish of the school day, a short walk found all the delighted students and their teacher standing at the tree line of a small nearby field. All were hushed as Miss Doyle opened the jar and laid it softly upon the ground. Breaths were held as their now honored friend, and guest, slipped silently away to find new adventures. There was clapping and laughter; a shared experience that made enjoyable memories.

Time passed. Three years later found Miss Doyle teaching eighth grade English at the very same school. Approximately half of her students had been in her fifth grade class the day they had their glass-jarred visitor. Miss Doyle explained that in 1865, the famous poet, Emily Dickinson had written a now very famous poem about one of the visitor's ancestors. Once again, curiosity and imagination were stirred and laughter and grins prevailed.

The poem begins:

"A narrow Fellow in the Grass Occasionally rides . . ."  

Rick's new tangle immediately brought to mind the classroom visitor from all those years ago. This tangle is sinuous, beautiful, varied and very much shaped like that classroom guest. This new tangle will spark creativity and imagination, and perhaps some laughter, too, depending on how it may be drawn. Tiles featuring this tangle will bring smiles and learning. Miss Doyle, who went on to become Jane Rhea, CZT 27 and 36, is proposing that the new tangle should be named narfello in honor of Emily Dickinson's "...narrow fellow in the grass..." and in sweet remembrance of classrooms full of laughter prompted by one very distinguished visitor. 
Rick, who designed narfello, writes...

I like that this tangle uses aura in its initial construction. I like its simplicity – it uses only two elemental strokes, the "S" shape and the curve.

Another aspect of this tangle is that it is both tangle and reticula for other tangles. As you probably have discovered, this is true for many of our tangles. However this one is designed with that in mind.

A couple tips:
  • The technique of "Take off and Land" serves you well in this tangle
  • Your initial "S" curves do not have to be perfectly the same

You can shade each element as I did. Or, you can use each element as a reticula for a fragment as Maria, Martha and Molly did. As always, aura is your friend.

Upload your narfello tiles to the Zentangle Mosaic App with the hashtag #narfello. To see narfello creations, download the app from the App Store and search #narfello for free!
CZT 37 Seminar - Online
Seminar CZT #37: May 14-17, 2021

We invite Zentangle enthusiasts from near and far to join us online for CZT training seminar. Realizing that this year’s travel may be difficult for any number of reasons, we feel it is our responsibility to offer you the option of an online seminar experience. We look forward to welcoming you . . . right from the comfort of your own home!

This enriching four-day Zentangle Teacher Certification program will be taught by the founders of the Zentangle® Method, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, along with daughters Molly Hollibaugh and Martha Huggins. 
If you choose to attend as an online student, we expect you will be amazed at the supplies and treats you will receive! Each online student will receive a package that is carefully curated with everything you will need for each lesson (and more!).

This seminar is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the philosophies behind the Zentangle Method of drawing and how to teach it. You will finish with the knowledge you need to teach the Zentangle Method and the tools needed to convey the Zentangle experience to your students. As a CZT, you will enjoy continued support and inspiration from Zentangle Inc. and from our world-wide CZT network.

To secure your place in our online Certified Zentangle Teacher training seminar, please register at the link below.

The cost is $1,795.00 and includes
  • All classroom supplies
  • Four days of instruction, live-streamed from Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST)
  • Extensive links and support
  • Your CZT certificate signed by Rick and Maria
  • and more
Any questions about this upcoming virtual seminar, please email  martha@zentangle.com

CZT #37 will be the only seminar hosted from the United States in 2021.
For more information about seminars hosted in Germany and Asia, please visit our website here.
What do CZT #36 students have to say about their online experience?
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Because of travel limitations and expense, I likely would not have been able to fulfill this dream without such a unique opportunity. I am immensely grateful. Also, as I noted in a previous response, I cannot say enough about the incredible amount of preparation, detailed guidance (email, printed, live, etc.), and follow-up evident in this seminar. I have attended numerous other conferences and seminars, and dozens of online courses, but I have never encountered such a high level of precision and care in the execution. Truly impressive!


I loved every moment and every one of you. This was a perfect format for me and I’m very grateful.


Thank you so very much for one of the best four days of self-care, reflection, meditation, and learning! Your attention to details, the extra special beautiful things you provided! You are a very special family!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. For offering this, for being authentic in your sharing, for encouraging this as a process that has potential for a deeper impact on people’s lives. I get the sense that you all believe in what you do and why you do it. That’s inspiring and encouraging. Thank you!


Thank you for giving us this online opportunity! And thank you for being beacons of positivity and encouragement at a time when those qualities are so sorely needed.
Zentangle Apprentice Project Pack No. A1

Join us every Tuesday and Thursday through February 11th for the Zentangle Apprentice Project Pack No. A1 series. Using materials found in the Zentangle Apprentice Project Pack, we will release a free video lesson via our newsletter, our website and the Zentangle YouTube channel.
Apprentice Project Pack No. A1
Thank you!
We hope that you will join us this May for the second online CZT seminar!

With all best regards,

Rick, Maria, Molly, Martha, and everyone at Zentangle HQ
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