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November 2019
In our natural minds, newness is usually associated with spring and the bringing about of new life. But God and things of the spirit are not bound by earthly seasons. He causes things to be in his own time, his own season, and he does all things well.

This month has been a month of new experiences that leave us with anticipation of what he has for us next!

After much deliberation over the past few months we finally made the decision to launch home groups that will meet once a month in three locations throughout Zagreb. These groups met for the first time last month, and our people were very encouraged. Our hope that these home groups will be places that not only encourage the church but will also reach out into those particular neighborhoods to reach the lost. 

This month we had a week of fasting and prayer; seeking God for our church, nation, and revival. During our mid-week service we decided to host a night of worship and prayer. It was truly Holy Spirit- inspired the way the worship and prayer flowed so freely, and the people left so encouraged and refreshed that we decided it is something we will have to do on a regular basis. 

Several months back we mentioned that Mario had been asked by OCC to head up their distribution in Croatia. This Saturday he will host the very first OCC- Croatia training session. We are so excited to have the opportunity to be a part of it all. Several evangelistic events for children will be hosted throughout Croatia at which the shoebox gifts will be distributed. Afterward churches are required to host a six-week follow up program for the children that attended.

Another exciting thing took place this month; Nicky Cruz confirmed that he will be coming to Zagreb in March 2020! We are so excited to be able to host him in our country for the first time ever. Mario and several other Zagreb pastors have been meeting together to organize this visit. Please, keep both of these events in your prayers. There are so many souls to be won; please be praying that God would prepare hearts, even now.
I know we've mentioned our worship CD to you several times over the last four years. Our worship band, No Compromise, is in their last phase of recording, hopes to have the CD released within the next couple of months, and will be releasing their single, „Beloved One“ within a week or two. All but one song on the CD are original worship songs, and 100% of all proceeds from album sales will be donated toward the purchase of our church building. We have a short video with more back story on that HERE If you would like to receive regular updates (listen to short clips of our songs and receive information on the single and album releases) please like us on FACEBOOK , follow us on instagram @NoCompromiseAlbum, and subscribe to us on YOUTUBE .
> A young missionary couple to serve in our mission church in Virovitica.
>The Operation Christmas Child evangelistic events (pray for open hearts).
>The lease on our house comes up in December. Please, pray for the direction of the Holy Spirit.
We are personally doing very well. Our eldest son, Filip, had the honor of having a short movie he recorded last year nominated in an international movie festival. He is presently shooting footage for a new movie which takes up a large bulk of his free time. Our second son, Luka, is very involved with Bonnie in the church band. He is our drummer. Divna is enjoying figure skating this year and helps Filip with his movie by doing all of the makeup and hair. Our youngest daughter, Vjera, is involved in modern dance, singing, playing piano and torturing our cat:)

Our sons are both going to a Croatian trade school this year and enjoy it very much and the girls are still homeschooling with Bonnie.

THANK YOU all for your loving prayers and financial support. We are so grateful to Heavenly Father for each and every one of you. May the Lord bless you and give you a wonderful Thanksgiving this month.


Mario and Bonnie Ducic
Croatian Evangelistic Outreach