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September 2018
A Cause for Hope
Watch your mailbox for an invitation to Gastric Cancer Foundation's 9th annual celebration of progress and fundraising to support gastric cancer research. The 2018 "A Cause for Hope" event will take place on Friday, November 9th in the San Francisco Bay Area. Board member and event chair, Jeff Netzer, is working with an enthusiastic team to create a fresh and fun event that will offer an evening of entertainment along with the opportunity to support important research initiatives. Find more event and reservation information here.
Find Support Online with Patients and Families
In addition to our new  clinical trial navigator featured in last month's newsletter, which helps people affected by gastric cancer find and participate in current research trials, we have also launched an online community for patients and caregivers to find support in one another. Smart Patients in an online peer support resource where people affected by gastric cancer can share, learn, and connect with others who understand their experience. It is free to join and easy to post questions. The conversations are searchable so you can easily find what you're looking for.

All conversations in this nationwide community are private and can only be read by members. There are some great conversations going on this month about tips for managing post-op problems and how to be a supportive caregiver for someone dealing with gastric cancer. To join the conversations or start your own, click here.

Breakfast is Up!
In our latest  nutrition video for gastric cancer patients, board member and "Chef without a Stomach," Hans Rueffert, prepares "Kaiserchmarrn" using leftover 7-grain pancakes along with apples, figs, nuts, and spices. Hans knows how hard it can be to fuel up and discusses looking at every meal as an opportunity to sneak in the protein and calories you need. Think outside the box and prepare this meal for breakfast or dessert.

Special thanks to Merck & Co., Inc. for supporting this video series through an educational grant.
Research Roundup
A recent study in BJM Open finds long-term use of low-dose aspirin and other non-selective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) was associated with a decreased risk of all gastrointestinal cancer types. Read more here.

Another study in Digestive Surgery investigates the short and long-term outcomes of stage four gastric cancer patients who are surgically treated and found survival could be enhanced via surgery combined with systemic chemo in certain patients. Read more here.

And lastly in your research round-up, a small study looks into features and outcomes of gastrointestinal stromal tumors arising from the esophagus and gastroesophageal junction. They found metastatic disease was associated with increased cell division and tumor size. Read more here.

Follow us on social media for the latest research news and visit for a complete list of the latest news about research progress.

Support the Final Guts & Butts Beach Clean-Up
The 4th and final John Gyselbrecht Memorial Guts and Butts Beach Clean-Up will be on Saturday, September 15, 2018 in Pismo Beach, California. "Between the Guts and Butts events and our original fundraising campaign, we have already raised over $88,000 for the Gastric Cancer Foundation," noted Stacy Millich, who began this special fundraising effort with her husband during his treatment and then continued it in his memory. Millich hopes to top $100,000 in total contributions to the Foundation with this year's final event.

John Gyselbrecht was a popular middle school math teacher who lost his battle with gastric cancer in 2015. Since then, Millich has honored John's love of the ocean by gathering former students, friends, and neighbors for a beach clean-up coinciding with California Coastal Clean-Up. To honor John and support this event, click here and check out this video here.

Thinking about hosting your own event? Reach out to family, friends, and colleagues and host an event to educate people about gastric cancer and raise funds for Gastric Cancer Foundation's work. You can create your own giving page to make giving easy and secure.
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