A New Way to Think About Bible Commentary
Most one-volume Bible commentaries focus on standard scholarly issues, answering questions such as, who wrote the book? to whom was it addressed? and how is the book structured?

In contrast, this is the first one-volume commentary to emphasize theological questions: what does this biblical book say about God? how does the book describe God and portray God's actions? and who is God in this book?
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The Theological Bible Commentary is one of the more interesting commentaries I've used in PocketBible ®. Each book of the Bible is approached with the purpose of discussing what it says about God – who he is, what he does, how he is described, how he interacts with people, etc.

For example, I was reading through a couple of commentaries on Nicodemus' visit with Jesus in John 3. They tended to focus on who the Pharisees were – what they believed and how they practiced their religion. The Theological Bible Commentary talks more about Nicodemus' relationship with God and what his nighttime visit and Jesus' response to him said about how God wants to relate with us – especially, of course, our willingness to publicly identify with Christ.

Theological reference books generally start with a set of topics or themes, such as "creation", "covenants", "incarnation", "redemption", etc. They start from their scholarly framework and focus on passages that reinforce it. In the Theological Bible Commentary, each passage and each book of the Bible speaks for itself. Theological topics flow naturally from the text instead of picking and choosing verses to make a theological point. A variety of perspectives are discussed as they come up. No book is given preeminence nor are the conclusions drawn from one book compared to or measured by those of another.

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