Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches,  serving in our community,  and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
A New Season
We have two seasons here:  wet and dry.  The air conditioners are now off at night as the unyielding winds have brought in cooler nighttime temperatures. The winds also ripped off part of our roof!

The kids are all back in school and we are trying to establish the new "norm" again.

We have a season of mission trips coming up, beginning with my parent's church coming down to minister this week in Costa Rica. You can follow their trip journal here.

We are excited to continue to make new partnerships with the local churches and pastors here in Costa Rica.  We are finding that we do not have to pursue these partnerships, God is bringing them right to us!  Pastors are hearing about how Praying Pelican Missions is coming alongside of the local church, not on our own agenda.  They see that we are here to serve with, equip, and see their pastor's visions become realities.  

Laura and I recently traveled to meet a Pastor who sought us out.  We thought we would be meeting with just the head pastor, but walked into a room of about 15 people, all leaders in  the church.  Honestly, I freaked out!  I thought, oh no, here we go again, somehow I signed up to preach!  To my surprise, it was just that all of the leaders of the church were there to hear about PPM.  As my co-worker Anna said, "that's the best way to start a partnership!"
Darrell has a Blog!

Darrell now has a blog!  He has some great information to share about where he is going for his Outreach phase of YWAM.  You'll want to click on the link below and follow him.  Learn what he has been up to and where he is going next!

Financial Update
If the Lord is putting it on your heart to invest as a Monthly Supporter in missions in Costa Rica,  you can donate by clicking here  Thank you so much for helping us to minister in Costa Rica!  So that you know, we get a set amount of money (determined by how much we have raised) to receive every month.  The problem lies in the "unknown" expenses.

Many people have asked us what kind of un-budgeted, one-time costs we have. So here they are:
-$2,000 in van repairs and registration since January alone.
-$2,000 in flights for our family to be together in Florida at the Praying  Pelican Mission annual meetings in April.
-We need to continue our Spanish classes.
-Trips to Nicaragua to renew our visas every 90 days, at least $300 each time.
-Book purchasing for our kid's school (you'd think they were in college!).
-and the unknown!

If you feel led to make a one-time gift or join our Monthly Support team, you can click here:  DONATE!

Serve in Costa Rica this Christmas!
You may remember us telling you about the amazing trip we were part of putting on a Christmas party for 1,350 children last Christmas.  Well we are already making plans to do it again!  And we need your help!  We are looking for individuals who have a heart to serve and reach out to children that desperately need a Savior.  Is that you?  Reserve your spot now by contacting Anna at
Keepin' Up with the Blog
We encourage you to keep up with our Blog.  This includes personal stories, what God is teaching us, and more frequent postings than this newsletter.  You can have the blog sent directly to your inbox by clicking the link below. Scroll down until you see the "follow" button, and subscribe by typing your email address.

Yes, I have even heard it from churches and missionaries before. "We could support more missionaries if we didn't go on short-term mission trips!"   The common argument is that it is more fruitful to "just send money."  I recently heard this again here in Costa Rica.  But that could not be farther from the truth! [...]...ยป

Nathan, Laura, Darrell, Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi  & Isaiah Norman