Greetings from Lisa Romeo

Hello Writers! 

I wish for you a fabulous writing year! 
Let's get on with it. All of us. 

Writing, revising. Planning, organizing. Submitting, publishing. Getting acceptances. Getting rejections. Rewriting, starting over, re-conceiving. It's all a part of the writing life, and we can't skip any of it, can we?
I wish you a year of writing love, writing success, writing lessons learned. I hope you discover something new about your writing, about what you can do on the page. I encourage you to try what seems scary--a new genre, form, category, style, target media venues. Revamp, reconsider, renew. 

Why ever not?
As you make your way along YOUR writing year, maybe I can help. Got a novel, memoir, essay collection, short story manuscript, or  short pieces that need attention? Want a more satisfying writing routine, to revive your writing life, figure out what's next? I can coach, edit, prod, give feedback, help plan, organize, keep you productive.
Good luck as you write your way through this new year. Let me know how it goes.
All best,
Links of Interest

"Multiplication and Division: Writing About One Experience Across Multiple Pieces"
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