New Homes in the New Year

SouthFair's affordable housing developments for low to moderate income families have served clients between 40% and 80% of area median income (AMI).SouthFair has built 50+ units of affordable single family houses and 350+ of affordable multifamily housing.

SouthFair anticipates starting construction on 3 additional single family homes in the first quarter of 2020. These homes will not have any subsidy funding so therefore will be market rate homes. The homeowners will be a make-up of SouthFair clients that are over 80% AMI.

We recognize the importance to provide a mixture of affordable and market rate housing in order to make a more cohesive neighborhood. SouthFair continues to provide a unification of the neighborhood through thoughtful development, gathering community input and being a foundation for future development that encourages others to have a reflective development process.
'Tis the season for giving! Become a donor and have your contribution invested into the South Dallas community. Here is how your contribution helps SouthFair.

SouthFair's Senior Care Program

Our seniors are very important to us. We always make it a goal to provide quality and entertaining outings. They are also provided with helpful information health care, financial literacy and other senior topics. If you would like to donate or contribute in any way with our senior care program please reach out to Annie Evans, Executive Director. We look forward to continuing to provide these opportunities for our seniors in 2020!
Financial Literacy for Seniors
Staff Spotlight: Lois Lilly
A new year, new changes and that same sentiment applies to our staff. Lois is "retiring" from her Housing Assistant position at SouthFair. She has been with SouthFair for 9 years helping many clients graduate from being renters to homeowners. She has been very instrumental in nurturing homebuyers for our Fair Park Estates development thorough a number of one-on-one meetings, she has assisted with post purchase workshops and has been one of the most dependable staff members throughout the many weathered seasons SouthFair has endured.

I am sure we will hear from Lois often. We leaned on her historical knowledge of the community. She also provide good banter on the local and national social and political framework. She will be missed!

Where Born: – Cincinnati, Ohio

Favorite Restaurant:   Pappadeaux in Duncanville

Family: One sister, 2 nieces and a nephew. Their children and grandchildren total 10. Some in College and others will start in 2020. All of them are computer experts and really great kids.

Famous person you would most like to meet: Unknown, there are so many

Words that describe you best:  Inquisitive, patient, friendly, team player, positive, love to travel.

In your spare time you … Read, work on my genealogy, visit with friends, participate in community programs and travel when financially able. I also founded a Dallas Civil Rights Museum at the Martin Luther Jr. King Center along with a close friend Emma Rodgers four years ago. If you would like to visit you must call for an appointment. Please feel free to reach me at 469-628- 1711 for an appointment.

If you have learned one thing in life, it is… always be prepared, be patient, most of the time situations can turn into blessings.

What are your hopes/desires for SouthFair and the South Dallas Community:  I hope that SouthFair continues to develop an environment in which all south Dallas residents join together to build a true community. There is need for safe activities and after school programs designed options for the youth. Today’s youth are able to learn about technology in a “nano” second. More training in various trades could be developed for adults who need employment. Financial management Workshops have been successful within SouthFair. More programs like this can be offered to the larger community in various sites. Marketing Programs funded in part by South Dallas organizations and businesses would also benefit.
Homebuyer Counseling Services
As we continue to build more single family houses we continue to encourage the importance of post purchase counseling and workshops. We offer both services. Please check out our Financial Literacy & Homebuyer Workshop Schedule. Remember all of our workshops are free!

Our workshop are held at our offices but we will be glad to provide our educational services to interested groups at their location. Please submit your requests or if you should have any questions about our upcoming workshops or counseling services please reach out to Mary Ann Cuellar, Housing Counselor. 
Staff Spotlight: Stephanie Granados

Stephanie is our new Community Development Intern She is a senior at the University of Texas at Arlington majoring in Business/Marketing. Stephanie recently spent a semester in Spain! We are glad this world traveler is apart of the team.
Where born: City, State- Santa Ana, California

Favorite restaurant, dish, or pig-out food – I love pasta, Pho, and Ramen Noodles.

Family – My parents live in Arlington, I have one sister, Sally and my fiance Javier. I have no pets since I am allergic.

Famous person you would most like to meet- I would love to meet Trevor Noah.

Words that describe you best – I try to be passionate about my family and goals. I am an extrovert most of the time and like to laugh a lot.

In your spare time you . . . -  I read mystery books, go on bike trails with my fiancé and watch re-runs of Friends.

If you’ve learned one thing in life, it is . . . – To keep pushing to meet your own personal goals, even if you do not succeed the first couple of times.

What are your hopes/desires for SouthFair and the South Dallas community?
I just started but I would definitely like to see the community thrive with local businesses, homeowners and be another area that you can walk around and enjoy what Dallas has to offer.