To celebrate our 5th Season Bongo Boy TV is proud to present the latest episode in their Rock N' Roll TV Show series, a special half hour presentation featuring the hip hop artist Conceptz in "All Work, No Play-The Guide to Success for the Emerging Artist". This special episode produced by Hydra Management and Bongo Boy TV premieres Saturday, 2nd January, 2016 in Brooklyn via the following TV channels: Channel 34 on Time Warner Cable, Channel 67 on CableVision, Channel 82 on RCN, and Channel 42 on Verizon FiOS in Brooklyn and all the New York City boroughs. This special presentation will then be in rotation for 2 weeks on 54 channels from coast to coast nationwide, reaching well over 17 million households including cities like Nashville, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Antonio and Portland, just to name a few via Bongo Boy TV's syndicated television distribution.


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Bongo Boy TV Presents Conceptz
Bongo Boy TV Presents Conceptz "All Work, No Play" The Guide to Success for Emerging Artist | Season 5 Ep1070
Watch out this January for The Bongo Boy Rock N' Roll TV Show Episode 1070 "All Work, No Play-the Guide to Success for the Emerging Artist" and listen for Conceptz in a club and on a radio near you now and in the year ahead. Even if this is your first time hearing about this band, their talent, hard work & dedication guarantee it won't be the last. - Review by Steel Notes Magazine
Having enjoyed Funky5 in a few episodes back, this was a chance to meet the boys of Conceptz. The issue is a playback of memorable videos as parts of an interview. The Funky5 still holds ground as the video I most endorse due to raw ingenuity and Motown derived mood.
The videos Grandpa's Whiskey and Multiply make an interesting quandry(?) the ethics and overall 'persona' of Hip Hop become quagmired in the cultures of money, self-needs and alcohol. Certainly not lost are the many references to "smoke", which often mixes in. To stand above others takes making a stand APART from them. I see very little that separates the group further. Bound to gain merit and some of their prize, I just look at life from art's other, more genuine advances.  Review By Rusty Barnacles
Conceptz are truly a gift.... they are talent and have a very tight flow in their sound. Lyrics, music and all- very powerful sound. 
These guys have a lot to offer the world and they keep giving! 
Their single, The Purest One exhibits their gifts as rappers and musicians and their sound shows to be fresh, innovating and fun!  
The second single brings out their talent and these guys walk the line! They are on it and they kick it! 
Highrowglyphix and Short Fuze are truly a team that are unstoppable whose flow can fit any kind of music, whether melodic, or crunchy and rhythmic! These guys are fabulous! The third song featured, is truly amazing! 
The visuals to the videos are also something to pay extra special attention to because they are very well graphically designed for their vibe and energy. Christian Strickland knows how to fit their music's imagery. 
'Grandpa's Whiskey" is a funny song and brilliantly written, as so many times, this kind of flow rings true... 
"Multiply" is a fun rap with a unified flow and it is something that is hard to get out of your head. This shows that they have the wit and grit to compete in the game. This song also shows their spirit and drive. Truly, I see these Conceptz making big waves in the world and rockin' it, too! 
Seriously, all in all, they are gifted young men who have this amazing flow, wit and grit. I cannot wait to see more from CONCEPTZ!! 
LOVE THEM! - Review by Gypsy Poet Radio, San Antonio, TX
Each episode of Bongo Boy TV brings exposure and a bigger audience for each very talented independent artist featured.

This episode has been brought to you by Hydra Management Services, Bongo Boy and sponsors, True Tea Magazine, Steel Notes Magazine, Gypsy Poet Radio and Spoken Life's EP "Reality" now available for download and streaming via Bongo Boy Records Asia.
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