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January 2012

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FitnesstipWorkout Tricks 

Fitness Tip

Personal Training


Do your glutes fire properly?  Your glute group of muscles are the largest in the body but yet many of us can't work them because they have become 'lazy' and, therefore, ineffective.


You may have lazy glutes if you sit on them more than you stand or move.  A desk job is a real culprit!  To keep those glutes firing properly, do the 'butt dance'.  Laying down on your back, tighten your glutes, then release. Then tighten one side of your glutes, then tighten the other, then release one, then the other.  Repeat. 


Eventually you can do this sitting, but to start, do this laying down. Once you have done this 3 or 4 times, jab yourself with finger in your hamstring muscle area.  That should remain loose!  Many of us will tighten our hamstrings and even our calves to get the glutes to work.


Repeat your 'butt dance' at least 2 times a day, 3 to 4 contractions of each glute muscle each time. We need strong glutes! So, do the butt dance!


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Nutrition Food For Thought 

Nutrition Tip

 Mixed Fruits

  Not all fats are created equal!  Our bodies need fat to survive and to optimally run smoothly. Read your labels - if you eat food with labels, chances are you are getting too much sodium, and possibly too much sugar as well as the wrong kinds of fat.


Eliminate ALL trans fats and eat as few saturated fats as you can. (NOTE: all animal protein, when cooked, is saturated fat).


Eat foods as close to their natural source as possible. Incorporate such things as raw nuts and seeds as well as hemp hearts and ground flax into your diet each day. These foods will help satisfy your hunger as well as give you the good fats your body craves.


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Here's a brief look at what we've got for you in this issue:

A New Year and a New YOU!

It's a New Year and, it seems, everywhere you turn you're blasted with messages about how now is the time to "get fit", "start working on those resolutions about being healthier and fitter" or, "lose that unwanted weight".  For more info, click HERE



We want you to - Join our Team! We're putting together a team for the TC10K event being held on April 29th, 2012 and we'd LOVE to have you join us!  For more info, click HERE


Workout Tricks (Fitness Tip)

Each month, we share a fitness related tip/suggestion/tidbit.  These may be specific to a particular exercise, or may be more general in nature.  To view this month's Fitness Tip, click HERE

Food For Thought (Nutrition Tip)

Each month, we also share a nutrition related tip/suggestion/tidbit.  Again, these may be specific to a particular food group, health issue and/or may be more general in nature.

To view this month's Nutrition Tip, click HERE


 A New Year and a New YOU!  



Happy New Year!It's a New Year and, it seems, everywhere you turn you're blasted with messages about how now is the time to "get fit", "start working on those resolutions about being healthier and fitter" or, "lose that unwanted weight".


And, you know what, some of it annoys me too.  Partly, because we all know what we have to do and, partly, because there are so many quick fix "gimmicks" being promoted.  As a result, some may get confused and give up before they even get started. Some of us have had difficulty in the past with our resolutions, or with changing our lifestyle.  So, we don't even want to think about it right now.  I guess the best term for this approach might be "stick the head in the sand". But, we know that doesn't work - it hasn't so far, right?


I could launch into a whole list of suggestions regarding how best to get started and, better yet, to stay motivated but this time around I want to focus on the mind. How our mind plays tricks on us or, more importantly, how we can sabotage our goals with our own self-limiting beliefs.


Ralph Waldo Emerson said "The ancestor of every action is a thought."  So, one of the most important things you can do to be successful in changing your life, and getting fitter or healthier or to lose unwanted body fat, is to change the way you think! That's right, I'll say it again, change the way you think!  Sound easy?  Well, it's not.  By the time we're adults, most of our beliefs are deeply ingrained and, as a result, we tend to run on "auto pilot".  And, some of these self-limiting beliefs are so ingrained you aren't even aware you have them!  As a result, they can easily stop you from attaining your goals.Woman Thinking


One of the first ways to change the way you think is to recognize your own self-limiting beliefs and then work on changing them. There are many ways in which you can help change your thoughts. One step is to work on daily affirmations.  Replace self-limiting beliefs with affirmations that are written or spoken in the present tense as if the desired result is already active in your life.  For example: "I enjoy eating nutritious foods.", "I make wise choices for snacks during the day.", "I enjoy exercising.", "I am smart." or "I am good enough." Positive affirmations will encourage you to bring new, better, ways of being and thinking into your life. Reciting affirmations is a perfect way to counter your self-limiting beliefs and the negative results that they can create. They will give you the additional support you need during challenging times. Affirmations (as in the examples given above), repeated often throughout the day, will end up in your subconscious mind and, eventually, you'll believe and then you will BE that fitter, healthier, stronger, more energized person!


Our thoughts are very powerful - but you're right, there is more to this whole "changing the body/changing the mind" concept than I can discuss here.  Join us for a 6-Week Progressive Training Session and we'll work with you to "alter" your thoughts and get the real results you seek.


Our next Training Session starts January 16th and there's still room in most of the classes.  Our "A Team" of Trainers are there to help you believe in YOU, to help you erase those self-limiting beliefs.  We believe in you the way that you NEED to believe in YOU!  Our small group sizes enable us to work with you one-on-one.  As well, the group camaraderie that we encourage and develop becomes another support network.  We'll guide you through your nutrition, helping you become your own nutritionist!  And, our workouts are created to challenge you and give you the great results you so deserve!






TC 10K LogoWe want you to - Join our Team!  We're putting together a team for the TC10K event being held on April 29th, 2012 and we'd LOVE to have you join us.


This is a great opportunity for you to commit to a goal, and follow through, with us at your side helping you. If you want to be a part of Alter Ego's "The Young and the Rest of Us" Team, contact the office and we'll tell you how to sign up.


We'll be offering a Team specific training program of Sunday morning workouts starting in February.  We'll do runs/walks in areas throughout the region, where we will also address effective running exercises, stride analysis and nutrition while keeping the focus on fun!


We'll take your specific goals, incorporating them into the whole program but still giving you some individual, one-on-one, attention. We'll meet you the morning of the event and take you through a warm-up and then cheer you on along the course.It's Free!


This training program is being offered FREE of charge!  However, you'll have to pay your portion of the Team's entry fee and we're asking for donations to the Heart and Stroke Foundation's "Make Death Wait" campaign.


If you, or anyone you know, wants to do the TC 10K for the first time, or maybe to post a PB ("personal best" time), please give us a call. The ONLY pre-requisite to be a part of the Team is a desire to have fun and get fit (or fitter) in the process. The early bird pricing for team entries ends at the end of this month.  So, a decision must be made soon.  Commit now to this very worthwhile, and fun, event where the whole city literally lines the streets to cheer you on!


Contact the office, via email or a phone call, and let us know of your intent/desire to be a part of our Team.


Yours in fitness,

"A huge thank you for such a great experience! With your fabulous workouts, I challenged and pushed myself and the results exceeded my expectations . . AND I actually had fun exercising! Thank you all for being so supportive, positive and encouraging. It was truly a life altering experience and I feel so much healthier and happier with my new, improved and clean lifestyle." - Brooke N.