Sharing Good News

As we step into the new year, the team at St. Joseph Catholic School is excited to share our latest developments and achievements with you. From commemorating Catholic Schools Week to welcoming a fresh batch of sixth-graders, our devoted school family is leaving no stone unturned. Our Have-A-Heart Auction is just around the corner, and we are grateful for the support of our enthusiastic volunteers, generous donors, and devoted parents. Our dedicated and passionate teachers are the backbone of our school, and we are thankful for their unwavering commitment to inspiring and guiding our students towards faith, excellence, and service. We strive to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment that fosters academic growth, faithful service, and personal development. We invite you to stay connected with us and be a part of the St. Joe's spirit. Thank you for your continued support and trust in St. Joseph Catholic School, Wenatchee.

"There is Nothing Small in the Service of God."

~St. Francis de Sales

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week

It's that time of year again! A time to recognize and appreciate the value of Catholic education. St. Joseph Catholic School invites you to join us for an Open House on Friday, February 2nd, from 10:00am to 1:00pm at the school, following the 9:00am student-led mass. As part of the National Catholic Education Association’s Catholic Schools Week, we celebrate and showcase our school community with you. Hear from our dedicated teachers, see the pure joy of our students, and feel the Spirit of St. Joe's while walking the newly carpeted hallway and classrooms - thank you, donors~! We welcome families of all faiths, or no faith at all, and invite you to visit our campus and witness the many ways we inspire our students to become lifelong learners and leaders in their communities.

CSW School Events

Middle School Developments

The St. Joseph Catholic School Family is thankful that our Principal, Lisa Martinez, along with our Pastor, Fr. Osmar Aguirre and school committees, work hard to ensure that we continue to grow and provide the best education to our students. As part of our ongoing commitment to faith, excellence and service, the development of our sixth grade in the 2024-2025 school year is underway and we are currently accepting applications for the new sixth grade teacher.

We are excited to have launched our Middle School Curriculum Committee comprised of some of the most valued educators in our community who are dedicated to developing and implementing a top-tier middle school curriculum that will prepare our students for success in high school and beyond. With the formation of this committee, we are taking an important step towards creating a brighter future for our SJCS students. Thank you to our dedicated educators who have contributed to the success of St. Joseph Catholic School's dedicated faith, academic excellence, and service to others. We believe that every child deserves an education that inspires and empowers them. With the addition of middle school grades, we will be able to offer even more opportunities for our students to thrive. From rigorous curriculum to enriching extracurricular activities, we are confident that our Middle School Curriculum Committee will help us achieve our shared goals of making a real difference in the lives of all who walk our halls and sit in the seats of our classrooms. We look forward to the innovative ideas and expertise that this team will bring to the table of plenty, and we can't wait to see the impact of their work on our students and our school as a whole. Together, we are forging a path towards excellence in Catholic education.

From Lisa

School Committees

At St. Joseph Catholic School, we are blessed with an incredible leadership team that is dedicated to providing the best Catholic education for our students. Pastor, Fr. Osmar, Principal, Lisa Martinez, and School Chaplain, Deacon Robert Turner are the driving force behind our school's success. They have put together various committees that work to ensure that our school thrives.

The School Advisory Committee, comprised of Fr. Osmar, Deacon Turner, Lisa Martinez, Maria Guerra, Sharon Wiest, and Alan Kirpes, is responsible for overseeing the school's operations. The Financial Advisory Committee, which includes Fr. Osmar, Vickie Mills, Alan Kirpes, Andrew Hilger, Chuck Frohlich, Lisa Martinez, and Mary Ann Castro, ensures that our financial resources are used efficiently. The Advancement Advisory Committee, consisting of Wendy Flanagan, Kristin Eastman, Eva Tovar, Ann Sonn, Brigid Chvilicek, and Celia Kuhl, works to advance our school's mission and goals. The Middle School Curriculum Committee is hard at work thanks to Deacon Turner, Lisa Monohan, Gaby Fernandez, Cindy Schwartzenberger, Marco Martinez, Noel Mateo, Erin Stitt, Holly Berdan, Judith Torres, Michelle Gutzwiler, Andrea Wright and Lisa Martinez.

Our Have-A-Heart Auction Committee organizes our biggest annual fundraising event and is thanks to John Schapman, Addie Adkins, Noel Mateo, Arius Alvikis, Justin Fevold, Jodi Nebel, Sarah Lampert, Gabby Butsch, Celia Kuhl, Monchaya Duenas, Nicole Paule, Eva Tovar, and Ron Burke. SJCS "rockstar" Parent Club Committee, which includes Kristin Eastman, Tanya Cervantes, Nicole Paule, Colleen Crossett, Paige Hewitt, and Becky Fevold, is responsible for organizing events and activities that involve parents, students, and faculty. Last but not least, the magnificent MayFest Committee is filled with dedicated souls aimed at gathering for God's goodness thanks to Fr. Osmar, Maria Guerra, Liz Falcon, Francisca Espinoza, Cammy Coble, Alma Cortes, Maggie Carrasco, Eva Tovar and many more generous loving hearts.

We are proud of our leadership team, and our school committees, and are grateful for their hard work and dedication to our school. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in everything we do at St. Joseph Catholic School.

School Committees

School Presentation

You are invited to join us, Thursday, February 8, 2024 at 6:00pm in the school gym for a School Presentation that will include school developments, a middle school vision and timeline plus strategic budget plans. This presentation will be a wonderful opportunity for families to learn more about our school and see for themselves what makes our St. Joe’s Spirit so special. Pease don't hesitate to email Mrs. Martinez or call the school office at (509)663-2644 if you have questions or would like to schedule a tour of our beautiful campus - SJCS excitement is in the (cold) air!

School Admission

Are you looking for a school that offers a well-rounded education, grounded in faith, excellence and service? Look no further than St. Joseph Catholic School! We are now accepting enrollment applications for the 2024-2025 school year. Whether your child is entering preschool or sixth grade, our experienced faculty and staff will provide them with the tools they need to succeed. We have been serving Chelan and Douglas Counties since 1955, and look forward to welcoming your family into our community. Don't wait - apply today and give your child the gift of a quality Catholic education!

Why do You Love St. Joe's?

Teacher Spotlight

Sharing good news is what we love to do most! Lisa Cochran’s journey to the Sacraments is wonderful news! Lisa, our beloved first-grade teacher at St. Joseph Catholic School, began her RCIA journey last fall and will receive the Sacraments of Baptism, First Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation at the Easter Vigil during the Catholic Church’s Easter Triduum in March 2024.

Lisa’s prayer life has been transformed since beginning her preparation. She has found a deeper connection with God and a greater understanding of the Catholic faith. As a teacher, Lisa has always been a role-model for her students, and her journey to the Sacraments is a testament to her commitment to living a life of faith and serving others.

We congratulate Lisa on this significant milestone in her spiritual journey and look forward to celebrating with her at the Easter Vigil. Let us all keep Lisa in our prayers as she continues to grow in her faith and inspire others to do the same.

Learn about Lisa C.

Have-A-Heart Auction

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready to don your fanciest hats and sharpest suits! St. Joseph Catholic School is happy to announce that we have raised $31,941.00 of our $250,000.00 Have-A-Heart Auction goal (as of 1/24/24) - THANK YOU! Join us for the 44th Annual Have-A-Heart Kentucky Derby Auction, where the excitement never stops! Our online auction starts on Wednesday, February 21st at 5:00am and runs through Friday, February 23rd at 10:00pm. This is your chance to bid on amazing items from the comfort of your own home. The real thrill comes on Saturday, February 24th from 5:00pm to 10:00pm, when we come together for our 44th Annual Have-A-Heart Kentucky Derby Auction at St. Joseph Catholic Church's Kuykendall Hall. Enjoy live music, delicious dinner, and drinks with family and friends - make the most of it and book an entire table for ten! Come one, come all and join us for an unforgettable night of fun and fundraising. 100% of proceeds directly support St. Joseph Catholic School's mission to use the knowledge of God’s love to educate the whole child by instilling strong moral values, respecting and serving our diverse community, and achieving academic excellence for future success. There are so many ways to give a little bit - Attend, Bid, Sponsor, Donate, Fund-A-Project for our new sixth grade and so much more! Let's make this year’s Have-A-Heart Auction a winner!

Auction Action

Boy oh Boy!

The good news is out, and we couldn't be more thrilled! Our beloved Administrative Assistant, Maria Padilla, is expecting a baby boy! We're excited and can't wait to shower her with love and blessings as we eagerly await the arrival of her bundle of joy. Maria has been an integral part of our school family, and we want to show our appreciation for all the hard work she puts in. Together, let's celebrate this exciting news and make this a memorable experience for Maria and her family. The due date may be when the weather warms up, but our love and excitement for this new addition are already heating up! Join us in extending our warmest congratulations and best wishes to Maria and her family.

Thank YOU Volunteers!

We extend a sincere thank you, gracias, merci, danke, arigato, grazie to all of our incredible volunteers who play a crucial role in shaping our school community. Without your selfless dedication, we would not be the school we are today. Each and every one of you, who contribute your time and effort, deserve our deepest appreciation, in any and every language.

In particular, we shine a spotlight on Susana, a grandparent of one of our students, who goes above and beyond by volunteering in our school kitchen. From Monday through Friday, Susana helps prepare nutritious and delicious meals for our students.

Volunteers like Susanna embody the Spirit of St. Joe's, and their contributions make our school shine a bit brighter. Your generosity and willingness to lend a helping hand have a profound impact on the lives of our students and staff alike. We are grateful for your continued support and the positive influence you have on our school, and are blessed to have you as part of our St. Joseph Catholic School family.

Join Our Team!

St. Joe’s is seeking a highly qualified and dedicated sixth grade teacher to join our team for the upcoming academic year. As we expand our school offerings, we are committed to providing our students with the best possible education, and that starts with hiring exceptional educators.

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in elementary education, with a focus on teaching sixth grade. They will be responsible for creating engaging lesson plans, implementing innovative teaching strategies, and fostering a positive and inclusive classroom environment. Our new sixth grade teacher will play a key role in shaping the educational experience of our students as they transition into middle school.

We prioritize the holistic development of our students, emphasizing not only academic excellence but also character formation and spiritual growth. Our teachers are dedicated to instilling Catholic values and guiding students towards becoming responsible, compassionate, and confident individuals. If you are ready to make a difference in the lives of our students, we hope you will apply.

Join Our Team

Active Alumni

Theresa Druzak & Ann Sonn

At SJCS, we are thankful to have a strong community of alumni who continue to embody the Spirit of St. Joe's long after graduating. Recently, we had the pleasure of sitting down with some of our graduates from the 1960s and were blown away by their vitality and devotion. One such alum, Ann Sonn, has been a fixture in the SJCS parish and school communities for decades, volunteering her time and energy to make a difference. Another alum, Theresa Druzak, is currently teaching second year Confirmation class to our youth at Our Lady of Assumption in Cashmere, further exemplifying the values instilled in her during her time at SJCS. We are thrilled to see our alumni continuing to make a positive impact on the world. Having played a part in shaping their journey, we are honored to have their wisdom and fortitude offered to us today.

Alumni ❤️

"The Unfriendly Beasts"

St. Joseph Catholic School's fifth-grade class, led by their music teacher Mrs. Jennifer Cunningham and piano accompanist Suzanne Cowen, put on a spectacular Christmas play performance titled 'The Unfriendly Beasts' on December 14, 2023. The performance was a resounding success, with the preschool to fourth-grade classes also showcasing their musical talents. The audience was left spellbound by the exceptional acting and singing skills of the performers, who brought the play to life. We are delighted that many of our fifth graders will be returning as part of the inaugural sixth-grade class next year, and we look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the upcoming academic year. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew for a job well-done!

St. Joseph Catholic School’s Christmas service project was a joyful success! Thanks to the generosity of our school families, we delivered 150 gift bags to residents at Garden Terrace Senior Living. Our students put their creativity to work by decorating the gift bags and creating personalized Christmas cards for residents. The joy on the faces of the seniors as they received their gifts was heartwarming. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this wonderful project!

Thank You Gracias Merci Danke Arigato Grazie

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