The Charlestown Coalition News: 
Issue 17
January 2018
LifeSkills / Stay-In-Shape 
For the past eight years, the Charlestown Coalition has partnered with the Clarence R. Edwards Middle School, the Harvard-Kent School, the Warren Prescott School, and the Center for Community Health Improvement (CCHI) to deliver the Botvin LifeSkills curriculum to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Thanks to the Attorney General's Youth Opioid Prevention Grant, we were able to offer the program again this year. The curriculum encourages healthy habits around nutrition and exercise; teaches about smoking, drugs and bullying prevention; and, helps students learn relaxation techniques among other important health improvement skills.  
To enhance the LifeSkills curriculum, we have added another component to the program called Stay-In-Shape.  Together, Stay-In-Shape & LifeSkills, equips adolescents for the challenges they may face internally and in their environment. 
Upon completion of the 2018 winter curriculum, students took a final survey and received a certificate with the program's  final message and a report card summarizing both programs. They also received a goodie bag filled with valuable course-related resources.

(L-R: Nea Hoyt, LifeSkills Trainer, Ming Sun, Stay-In-Shape Program Director)
Sarah Coughlin published in
Social Work Voice

Check out the article Sarah Coughlin, Director of the Charlestown Coalition, wrote for the National Association of Social Workers publication, Social Work Voice. Click here for the pdf version of the article.
Sarah writes beautifully about  her career path, experiences working with youth and families in Charlestown and how it has shaped her, both personally and professionally.

Support Charlestown High School
Charlestown High School is raising much needed funds for prom and yearbooks this year. 
Don't miss your chance to be included in the 2018 Charlestown High School yearbook. With more than 930 students (14% living in Charlestown), the yearbook is a great way to reach a wide customer base while supporting a local school.
For more information: Contact Jenna Silver at or call (781) 2272-5241. 
Deadline is March 1, 2018.
Let's show our community we care and support Charlestown High School!

Cheer Our Youth On!
Looking for a fun way to support our youth? Come to one of their sporting events or donate to their fundraiser!

Please see their schedules below for  upcoming games:
*Please note, times and locations may change, contact the school for more information.

Charlestown High School  Men's Basketball-
Varsity:  6:00pm 2/2/18 vs. O'Bryant (Home)
JV: 4:30pm 2/2/18 vs. O'Bryant (Home)
Varsity: 5:00pm 2/7/18 vs. Brighton (Away)
JV: 3:30pm 2/7/18 vs. Brighton (Away)
Varsity: 7:00pm 2/9/18 vs. East Boston (Home)
JV: 5:30pm 2/9/18 vs. East Boston (Home)
Varsity: 6:00pm 2/13/18 vs. New Mission (Home)
JV: 4:30pm 2/13/18 vs. New Mission (Home)

Charlestown High School Women's Basketball-
Varsity:  3:30pm 2/2/18 vs. C.A.S.H. (Away)
Varsity: 3:30pm 2/6/18 vs. Excel (Home)
Varsity: 4:30pm 2/8/18 vs. Snowden (Away)
Varsity: 3:30pm 2/12/18 vs. English (Home)

East Boston Men's Basketball-
Varsity:  5:00pm 2/2/18 vs. Brighton (Home)
Varsity: 5:00pm 2/7/18 vs. O'Bryant (Home)
Varsity: 7:00pm 2/9/18 vs. Charlestown (Away)
Varsity: 5:00pm 2/13/18 vs. Tech Boston (Home)

We hope to see you there, cheering them on!

Currently, the basketball team is participating in a fundraiser to pay for their team uniforms. Click here to donate!
Turn it Around :
Youth of the Month
Kaltuma Mohamed
Kaltuma Mohamed is our January Turn It Around Youth of the Month."Kaltuma is a wonderful young woman who helps out whenever she can. She is intelligent, kind, and a powerful example among her peers."

-Ginaya Greene Murray

Charlestown Coalition Resource List
If you or someone you know are looking for support, we are here to help. Check out our Resource List  and let us know if we can be of assistance. By reaching out, we can help to get you the support and services you need.  We have many resources in place regarding job placement, grief support, counseling, financial assistance, and more!

Voices of Recovery
Maureen Coppinger

Maureen Coppinger is sharing her journey in recovery with us this month.

Click below for the full interview.

Welcome Back Phenice!
Family Support Circle welcomes its director, Phenice Zawatsky, back from maternity leave! The Charlestown Family Support Circle is designed to identify and intervene with at-risk youth and their families, and they are now taking referrals. 
Phenice works closely with families to identify their needs and directs them to the appropriate resources. Services include short term counseling, case management, and care coordination services to all Charlestown youth and their families.
The Charlestown Family Support Circle Provider Task Force meets on the first Tuesday of every month at noon at the Charlestown Boys and Girls club in an effort to enhance care coordination among Charlestown providers. The next task force meeting is February 6th. Contact Phenice  if you'd like to join.

Get Connected, Stay Informed
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