The grounds of the Ashram are blanketed in a vast amount of snow this new year and we are reminded that this is the time of year to go inward and hear what the silence has to say.

It has been a time to reflect and look back on another year that brought about more uncertainty but within it, expansion, opportunity and a deeper connection to community and our teachings.

In 2020, we learned that we had the resiliency to adapt and change, listening to what was needed and in 2021, we flowed once again around obstacles. 

We focused on what was important to us and continued to seek how to serve others in a meaningful way during these times. You have been an inspiring force - as you commit to your spiritual development, we renew ours to be a place of learning and growth for all.

And as we awaken to our true selves, we are then able to show up for others. Because of your generosity from our fundraiser, we are able to grant 6 bursaries to young adults for the Yoga Development Course. These young people are now registered and ready to enter three months of deeply getting to know themselves and learning practices to support their ideals. Thank you on behalf of all who have benefited.

For the new year, we wish you continued love, compassion and understanding for yourself. If you are feeling the darkness, know that you are held and supported and that the Light always shines even if it feels like a flicker at times.

Silence, relaxation and taking care of yourself heals so we offer you this special Guided Relaxation by Swami Samayananda.

May your 2022 be one of connection, going beyond limitations and recognizing how powerful we really are - how powerful we are together.

In Light,

Ashram Residents