Dear Friend of PAIR,

Happy New Year! As we kick off 2023, we are also launching a couple of new sections of this monthly newsletter. You'll now see a section with 1) PAIR's limited scope cases that are in need of pro bono attorneys, as well as 2) projects needing non-attorney participants.

And we are always looking for pro bono attorneys to take asylum cases for full representation.

If you are thinking about taking on a case or volunteering for a project and have questions, please hit "reply" at any time, and I will be very glad to chat further!

In the meantime, the entire PAIR team looks forward to connecting with you all throughout the course of this year—from our upcoming trainings to our shared, collaborative work in supporting our asylum seeking clients and friends.

In solidarity,
Pro Bono Involvement Coordinator at PAIR
Full Representation Cases for Pro Bono Attorneys

To read the longer case abstract for each the cases below, please click here.

If you are an attorney and are interested in taking on one of the below cases, please email me at

  • Asylum (Immigration Court): RBAH (Cuba) is a 23 year old woman who fears returning to her home country due to her dissident political opinions.

  • Asylum (Immigration Court): DACG (Honduras) is a 42 year old woman who fears returning to her home country due to domestic abuse.
Limited Scope Cases for
Pro Bono Attorneys

Bond Cases

PAIR's Detention Team is currently looking for pro bono counsel for the following bond cases. A bond case involves approximately 6-10 hours of time.

Pro bono counsel will meet with the detainee in-person or by video, prepare a short client declaration, prepare the bond motion, and gather supporting documents.

Attorneys will also attend a video court hearing. If bond is granted, attorneys will assist with the logistics surrounding the detainee’s release. All limited scope pro bono attorneys will be directly matched with a PAIR staff attorney mentor.

  • Bond Case: EMP (Dominican Republic) is a 36 year old man currently detained at the Strafford County Department of Corrections in Dover, NH. He fled to the U.S. after his life was directly threatened.

  • Bond Case: HPF (Brazil) is a 30 year old man currently detained at the Wyatt Detention Facility in Central Falls, RI. He sought safety in the U.S. after witnessing a murder by gang members in Brazil.

Intakers Needed at Detention Centers

Join PAIR's Detention Team on a visit to the Plymouth County Correctional Facility or the Wyatt Detention Facility (Central Falls, RI) to help support presentations and intakes with ICE detainees. Each visit is 3-4 hours long.

We visit Plymouth biweekly, and Wyatt monthly, typically on a Wednesday afternoon. PAIR is looking for pro bono counsel who can help conduct intakes in the jail units, and more information/training will be given to all volunteer attorneys. We also ask that participants please be able to arrange their own transportation to the jails.

If you are interested in participating in any of these matters, please email me at

Opportunities for Non-Attorneys

Interpreters Needed at Detention Centers

Spanish and Portuguese interpreters (who will be paid for their time) are also needed at the biweekly and monthly Wednesday detention center visits mentioned above. Similarly, participants are asked to please arrange their own transportation.

Please email if you are interested and available.

Pro Bono Resources