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Portland, OR
The International Cat Show invites you to appreciate the diversity and coolness of feline beauty; from fluffy to bare, stocky to thin, wild looking to totally spoiled, as many rare breeds are only seen at this show.  In conjunction with the show will be TICA's Winter Board meeting from  January 25-27, 2017.  The meeting takes place at the  Holiday Inn at Portland Airport ( 8439 NE Columbia Blvd.  Portland, Oregon) 

Westminster Kennel Club & American Kennel Club Will Take Over NYC With Meet & Compete
The Westminster Kennel Club and American Kennel Club (AKC®) present Meet & Compete , featuring the 4th Annual Masters Agility Championship at Westminster and AKC Meet the Breeds®, brought to you by Purina® Pro Plan®.  The joint event returns to New York City on Saturday, February 11th at Piers 92 and 94.  Cats make their triumphant return to AKC Meet the Breeds® with The International Cat Association® (TICA® ), giving animal lovers the unique opportunity to meet and play with hundreds of adorable dogs and cats while learning about responsible pet ownership.  Attendees also get the chance to see the nation's top canine competitors race against the clock at the 4th Annual Masters Agility Championship. 

To exhibit your breed in Meet The Breeds or run your cat for CASH prizes in the TICA Feline Agility, please contact: 
Woman quits her job & sails around the world with rescue cat
    By: Julija Televiciute

Liz Clark, 34, a self-proclaimed "she-pirate," has been sailing around the world since 2006 when she quit her job as a bartender in San Diego, California. Clark was given a Cal 40 sailboat on the condition that she would document her adventures around the world. In 2013, "Captain Lizzy" welcomed a 6-month-old kitten that she rescued aboard.

"She has adapted to living surrounded by water," Clark said of her cat companion to Buzzfeed. The cat, named Amelia (also lovingly referred to as Tropicat), enjoys fishing from the boat, walking on the beach and hiking. "She has to go out of a cat comfort zone often," Clark added. "But I think she now understands that I will keep her safe and she will have a lot of fun in the end. She makes Swell [the yacht] feel much more like a home."

So far, Clark has traveled along the western coast of Mexico and Central America, and around the South Pacific.

Coloring Book PIJAC TICA Annual
Sea Cat
Sping ReCATta
Enumclaw, Washington, April 28, 29 & 30th, 2017

SeaCat's is proud to announce that our 2nd annual end-of-season show "Sping ReCATta," being held at the Enumclaw Expo Center in beautiful Enumclaw, Washington, April 28, 29 & 30th, 2017, will be vetted! This is the first vetted show in the United States in decades. 

The club came to this decision after much deliberation between members and our local exhibitors. We feel our obligation as a club is to emphasize what TICA is all about: fun, friendships and above all the well being of our fabulous felines. 
Pet Expo
TICA's World of Cats!
Host: Kat Knappers CC & Purr Pourri of Kats

TICA, The International Cat Association - globally recognized for its genetic registry, educational res earch programs is once again joining America's Family Pet Expo in a presentation of Championship & Household Pet (non-pedigreed) Cat Show.  As cat enthusiasts, connect to your passion for animal welfare - build your learning by expanding your knowledge, while enjoying the beauty and grace the 63 breeds have to offer.  

Come follow your favorite 'fur-baby' and be there to 'root him/her to victory'.   Parade of Champions plus Best in Show will be awarded Sunday after the three (3) day competition.  Will your "favorite" win? Come join us to see.

April 28-30, 2017 @ OC Fair & Event Center

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Royal Canin The Largest Cat Show in the World!
By: Olga Murashko

TICA Judges: Pamela Barrett, Massimo Picardello, 
Vlada Beninya,  Phillipa Holmes

Once again on December 3 & 4 in 2016 the largest show in the world took place at the Crocus Expo Center in Moscow/Russia. The main sponsor, Royal Canin, once again did a great job in getting together multiple organizations for this spectacular event.  Together with FIFe, WCF, TICA, and local cat organizations, they had around 2000 cats in the show hall. Moscow is one of the biggest cities in the world has a large community of cat lovers, so that the gate was amazing with thousands of visitors attending.

Every organization does its own show under their own regulations, but at the end of the show, a board of judges from each association together make a final decision together and elect the Best Cat In Show.
Royal Canin
Every year since 2002 ROYAL CANIN presents the biggest cat show in Russia - ROYAL CANIN GRAN PRIX. More than 1000 breeders from different feline associations come together to show their best cats and fight for one of the most prestige title among dedicated breeders - THE WINNER of ROYAL CANIN GRAN PRIX. 

We are happy that in 2016 TICA stepped in as well in this big project and first time ever TICA rings. run by TICA Club CRYSTAL, were presented there as well with 12 rings shows judged by Pamela Barrett, Massimo Picardello, Vlada Beninya and Phillipa Holmes . 8000 m2 full of beautiful cats, their owners and cat lovers were very impressive. TICA, CFA, WCF, FIFe, ICU, IFA breeders and exhibitors had chance to present their association on main stage for big Best of Best. After two day show each association has chosen their Best Cat, Best Kitten and Best Alter. So there were 6 cats in each category. 

We are very proud that Best of Best TICA's Cat - beautiful Exotic Shorthair Dar-Liz Bambi bred and owned Zoya Shulga had won Best Cat of ROYAL CANIN GRAN PRIX.
Royal Canin
Royal Canin
Royal Canin
Royal Canin
Red Roof Inn CritterZone
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